Wireless Network & 3 TiVos

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by SamFT, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. SamFT

    SamFT Guest

    I am needing some advise or comments on a possible home network. I am about to move into a new apartment (first floor) with my new wife. And together we will have a desktop, laptop and 3 TiVos.

    Well the desktop is going to be connected directly into the WRT54G (v.4) router and the laptop is going to be wireless. And I decided that the best way for my TiVos would be wireless. Problem is that TiVo software is designed only for WEP. And I want my network setup to be is WPA. Previous I usually connected the TiVos through CAT5, but I decided I won't want to go back to that. I prefer to keep it wireless.

    I have been doing some think on how to get the TiVos to work on my network. I have heard of buying either a bridge or game adapter for each of my TiVos and those connect to a USB Ethernet adapter, but that is pretty expense.

    I thought about buying another WRT54G and connect that to the first router. And purchase 3 TiVo brand Wireless G Adapters. Then configure the routher's Operating Mode from a gateway to a router (I am using standard Linksys firmware) under Advanced Routing. Then turn off the DHCP and then MAC Filter all MAC addresses for the TiVos plus finally set WEP for security. And then set static assign the router and the TiVos IP address, etc.

    Basically just turned a 2nd router into a AP just for the TiVos.

    So if anybody has any advise, comments, or suggestions on what I could do to improve my situation with the TiVos and wireless network. Thanks.
  2. vincentfox

    vincentfox Network Guru Member

    Suggestion is you are better off running wires for TiVo. Cheaper and simpler.

    Yes you can do what you describe otherwise. Make sure 2nd AP is 5 channels distant from 1st one to avoid inteference.
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