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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Feb 8, 2006.

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    hey Guys, I NEED HELP
    I'm living in an appartment complex, and i have an internet port ethernet (only One), I was able to attach a switch to this port so that I can run tw computers, and there is no problem. I usually get Ip addresses* ,
    They also have a wireless router, yet I can't get access to its signal,
    I want to set the connection wirelessly in my appartment, so I bought linksys WRT54G V.5, But ican't configure it to get wireless connection on my laptop,
    the internet line is ADSL, with a static Ip assigned by the ISP, and it is connected to a Speedtouch 590 series router, from it gows a wired link to a WRT54G (not sure of the version, most prop V2) and I think both DHCP are on, (I can change nothing in these settings)

    and from the WRT54G comes out a cable to my appartment,
    Please explain with details how can i configure my router (the new one) to make a wireless access to the internet in my apprtment
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