Wireless PDA access to NSLU2

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by amw1, Oct 2, 2007.

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    I have an NSLU2 with 1 HDD drive storing all my MP3s and Divx videos. The NSLU2 is attached to my Orange Livebox, and I have been accessing this both with wired network connections and wireless running on old PDAs. After initial hassle getting the config right on the PDAs this worked fine (PDAs and laptops running freeware TCMP as a media player - great software!). I just upgraded firmware to 2.3r63 to get usb2 to work with another HDD formatted to Fat32. Again, that worked fine, and can now use and see both HDDs for media. The problem is, I have now lost wireless access to the NSLU2 from the PDAs (I can still access wirelessly with laptops, and have checked the config on this to ensure it is the same on the PDAs). The PDAs can still access the internet through the Orange Livebox so I don't think it is a networking problem. Any suggestions?
  2. Image63

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    The only way I have found that works is a HTTP connection.
    In TCMP (Media Player) use:
    http: //username:password@
    replace all info with your info (the IP address with the address of your NSLU2 ect..). (There is no space between http: and the // just had to do it so it wouldn't turn into a url).This is case sensitive so check you directory and user names. If you need spaces in the file or directory names use the Percent 20 for each space.

    You won't be able to click navigate you will have to type all directory changes.

    Hope this helps. If you find a better way please post back!
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