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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by samsonite, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. samsonite

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    Hi i wonder if anyone maybe able to help us out with qos for wrt54g using standard linksys firmware 4.20.7. I have two machines hooked up one wired, the other wireless using wusb54g. The wired machine is mostly used for bittorrent and the wireless for occasional web browsing. What im trying to configure is when the wireless device is used for webbrowsing, it is given priority the torrent client, sounds simple enough. Ive put the wired machine in ethernet port priority low and application priority low. Should i have HTTP set high? A couple of other things im unsure about it the upstream bandwith, if entering a figure in here, does this cap the QOS applications or the services that arent in QOS. Also in the wireless QOS is WMM support and No Acknowledgement, by default these are disabled, should they be enabled? Lastly if i may, when i activated QOS the wireless connection drops after approx 10 mins, does anyone else experience this, do i need to configure anything else. Thanks for your time. :)
  2. samsonite

    samsonite Network Guru Member

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