Wireless router behind a switch.

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by fiasco, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. fiasco

    fiasco Addicted to LI Member

    On my work network we have a switch distributing the internet signal to all the PC's and one of the cables connects to the #1 ethernet input on the linksys wireless router.

    The IP address of the default gateway on the network is the wireless router IP is

    In order to get the wirelessly connected laptops to get internet I have to disable DHCP and manually set the IP, Gateway and DNS info for each laptop.

    I would prefer to have the wireless router automagically assign the IP address, gateway and DNS info but the gateway assigned is always the IP address of the router (.254) and not what I want (.1).

    How can I get the router to automatically assign IP's and use as the gateway instead of the lan ip address of the router?

    The way it is setup at work is fine but it screws up peoples home wireless connection because the IP is manually assigned on their wireless card.

  2. erratio

    erratio Addicted to LI Member

    What's the model of the router?

    If there's no option to explicitly set the gateway DHCP option, and the main DHCP server isn't getting passed on to wireless clients (which is a bit odd), your best bet may be to just configure a separate subnet for the wireless network and route normally through the WAN port, configuring any routing on the rest of the network as necessary. I'd certainly check for possible options to enable the DHCP option.
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