Wireless routers continue disconnecting.....

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by youngwun0, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. youngwun0

    youngwun0 LI Guru Member

    Hello everyone,

    Now here's my problem, for a while now i have been trying to work with the connection drops on one of the pc's i have running wirelessly up until the other day when i purchased a a second hand imac g3 which i decided to place in one of my other rooms and decided i MUST find a solution to keeping ALL 3 computers online without annoying disconnections. I have tried many things to keep my pc and my imac online during these past few days... I have tried updating the firmware & drivers, removing wep/wap security, changed to unique SSID, setting the 3 routers to the same SSID with the same channel and also enabled Wireless-G only mode but still the connection on both will drop when it feels like it.... here is my current setup:

    Living Room PC
    Windows XP -> Motorola Cable Modem w/ Linksys WRT54G v.2.0 Wireless-G Broadband Router

    First Room iMac G3 (3 doors down)
    Mac OS X 10.3.9 -> Linksys Wireless-G Gaming Adaptor connected via Ethernet (connects fine for a few hours but disconnects for long periods of time when it feels like it)

    Second Room PC (4 doors down)
    Windows XP -> Linksys USB Wireless-G router (Gets 61% signal at the most for a quick few seconds but continues to disconnect every 20 minutes or so!)

    Now i'm not so tech savvy but i do know that i live in an apartment with 3 bedrooms and i'm pretty sure people with bigger places get better connectivity then this, The main PC is connected directly to the net 24/7, the mac stays on for long periods but then drops and wont find the AP for a while and the other pc stays on 15-25 minutes before i have to reconnect. I was hoping anyone here has maybe has had a similar past experience could maybe share some info on how to fix this or a solution to keeping them all connected wirelessly ?

    Any help would DEEPLY be appreciated.
  2. jlowery7

    jlowery7 Network Guru Member

    im not the smartest either, but i can tell you that ive had issues with the USB Wireless G AP. It always gets really crappy connection. Install yourself an internal card and upgrade the antenna to a high gain one. That should help the pc that is 3 doors down.
  3. youngwun0

    youngwun0 LI Guru Member

    Yeah that one is a mac i was thinking about getting an airport card for it and buying an antenna for the main AP to see if it helps any bit, Thanks for the reply :)
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