Wireless seems very slow at times

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by Sad_little_man, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. Sad_little_man

    Sad_little_man Network Guru Member

    I have DD-WRT mini on a GSv4, and for some reason at times the connection is very slow. The signal strength is fine, but at times it will just stall when I click on a link to load a page until I re-click it. If I try to stream a music file from another computer wired into the router using the file sharing feature in windows it also skips constantly. I haven't made any changes to the wireless settings, and I'm using 9dbi omni antennas. I've tried changing the channel, with no luck.
  2. Sad_little_man

    Sad_little_man Network Guru Member

    I just tried setting my router to static IP addresses. This doesn't work either.
  3. lwf-

    lwf- Network Guru Member

    Try turning off all those speedbooster thingies, i am pretty sure its called afterburner.
  4. Sad_little_man

    Sad_little_man Network Guru Member

    Still not working correctly. It seems like if I try to do a lot on my computer and stream something at once, it starts to skip. It's almost like the card doesn't have a high enough priority in the client computer. I can't seem to change the IRQ or anything though.
  5. trekuhl

    trekuhl Network Guru Member

    is it only one wireless client experiencing this issue, are there other clients you can try at the same time to see if it is doing the same thing.

    if you reverse the situation and steam from the wireless to the wired, does it do the same thing?

    you need to elimate more factors first.

    i haven't had any probs with my two DDWRT equipped routers, but my brother had issues with his setup when using azareus or other d/l programs. it caused the entire netowrk to lag.

    we solved it by going under ADMIN section and setting the "IP Filter Settings" to:

    Maximum Ports = 4096
    both TCP and UDP timeout = 120
  6. Sad_little_man

    Sad_little_man Network Guru Member

    It doesn't seem like the wired computer has trouble streaming from the wireless, but it's hard to say. It seems to randomly start skipping on the wireless computer. I really can't find any reason for it. It might have a slight link to how much wireless activity is going on, but not really. It just seems like it doesn't have enough bandwidth to use at once, but the connection is fine. And like I said sometimes loading web pages it will just pause for a second. Just typing this and not doing anything else it will skip for seemingly no reason. Changing those filter settings does nothing.

    BTW, if I just end up going back to the linksys firmware, can I just use the DD-WRT web interface to update? It's inching closer and closer to that.
  7. Sad_little_man

    Sad_little_man Network Guru Member

    Oddly enough, it seems that if I turn off netstumbler a lot of my issues go away. It still seems to skip a lot when I first tell a song to play. Any ideas there?
  8. LAGMonkey

    LAGMonkey Network Guru Member

    I have a similar problem. From time to time the direct wireless connections slow down to a crawl. However i have a second wireless network attached to the WRT54g via a patch cable and those connections never slow down. It seems that the wireless drivers for the wrt54g have an error in them.

    This situation happens no matter what is happeneing on the network. also conntracks are set to 4096 with timeouts set at 90 and 90.
    max clients set to 10 and icmp_echo and icmp_ignore set to 1 via the rc_startup

    Ill re flash the router again just incase.

    v23 mini, wrt54g v2.2
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