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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by zchaos, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. zchaos

    zchaos LI Guru Member

    My current situation is that I have a dsl modem hooked up to a non-wireless linksys router (BEFSR41) that has two desktop pc's (running xp) hooked up to it. The modem and router are in my basement and I have 1 pc in the basement and 1 pc on the 1st level. I have another desktop and laptop (both running xp) on the 2nd level of the house that I would like to get a wireless connection on. The laptop has a built in wireless card but the desktop only has a network card. In doing some research I have pretty much decided to get either the WMP54GX or the WMP54GX4. Is one a better buy than the other? Also, I'm going to need a wireless router to replace my current router. I was thinking about getting the WRT54GL because of its excellent user ratings however someone reccomended that I get either the WRT54GX2 or WRT54GX4. After reading some reviews on the GX2/GX4 I am a little hesitant to buy them because of supposed firmware, crashing, and signal strength issues.

    Basically I'm looking for:
    *A wireless router that is reliable and easy to setup
    *A wireless adapter that will pick-up a signal from two floors away

    Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for the help!
  2. tarquel

    tarquel Network Guru Member

    I have just purchased and started setting up a WRT54GL to create a wifi bridge [i.e. in order to link one area of the workplace LAN to external building that would cost alot to link phyiscally].

    I have purchased some Linksys high gain antenae's [excuse the spelling hehe] in order do help boost the wifi signal so that might be an idea for you, so that you can boost the signal further, but they only work with certain linksys models [I only know of the WRT54G/GS and presumably the GL too - as I havent tried attaching them yet].

    Hope it helps.

  3. zchaos

    zchaos LI Guru Member

    I think i'll start off with just the router and adapter and if I need a stronger signal then I might pick up an antena. Thanks for the input......anyone else have anything to say?
  4. zchaos

    zchaos LI Guru Member

  5. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    I have a wrtsl54gs which i love for all of its features. Also for the fact that it runs 3rd party software realiably and has a usb port for connecting drives for storage. I have had no issues with signal at all and the 3rd party software (thibor15c in my case) more then makes up for the fact that i cannot add an external antenna. The SL model will run you about 25US more but i think its worth it and have no regrets.
  6. zchaos

    zchaos LI Guru Member

    That would be slick to have the usb port for hooking up an external hard drive, however it worries me that a) you can't hook up an external antenna and b) it doesn't have srx which is what the wireless adapter has that I decided to go with. I wanna get this right on the first try so I don't mind spending the extra bucks to get a reliable router with excellent range so that I can use it anywhere in the house and get good results otherwise its not very functional to me. I do like the fact that it supports 3rd party software reliably because I've heard nothing but bad stuff about the linksys firmware. Thanks for the suggestion, I may end up going with that router.......anyone else have any suggestions, the help is greatly appreciated!
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