Wireless to ethernet with WRTG54S and befw11s4

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Heavy-G, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. Heavy-G

    Heavy-G Network Guru Member


    I have a problem that I can't figure out. I'll describe the situation:

    There is one befw11s4 router at my neighbour's house, which has internet access et all, and a WRT54GS at my place which in turn is connected to my gateway, so I would be able to give my neighbour access to some services, and load balance this one and my other internet connections (but that's another story).

    Now what I would like to achieve is a wireless-to-ethernet device. The WRT54GS just has to catch the wireless signal, and put it on the wire, no more, no less.
    The thing I have achieved is that the WRT acts as a wireless client, but also as a router. I am running the latest Alchemy (Alchemy-6.0-RC6 v3.01.3.8sv) on the WRT.
    Anyone got some advice on which options I need to enable?
    It should be pretty simple.. :)
  2. rurena77

    rurena77 LI Guru Member

    if it's running as a client don't you get your neighbors internet already? or are you hosting the internet? Do you want access to his computers? does he want access to yours? You can also try dd-wrt it has an option for client-bridge. this pretty much makes it invisible and your wired network works as if you were connected directly to the router. Don't know if that is what you want but it might help.
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