Wireless to Wireless Router, WRT54G v.3

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by CreativeSkillz, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. CreativeSkillz

    CreativeSkillz Network Guru Member

    Alright, I currently have a wireless WRT54GS v.2 wireless router that's connected to the cable modem. I have a second wireless router, WRT54G v.3 that I want to connect to the WRT54GS v.2 wirelessly.

    I then want to be able to hook up my two computers to the WRT54G v.3 router, with Cat-5. Don't really have the money to go out and spend on buying two wireless network cards, but I already have the wireless router.

    I believe I will need to flash my bios and use bridge mode, or repeater mode? Which would I need to do? Which firmware is better suited for this and which one will work with my WRT54G v.3 router?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. CreativeSkillz

    CreativeSkillz Network Guru Member

    54 views, and no one knows? :sad:
  3. Goknicks

    Goknicks Network Guru Member

    You should search article under WDS, many articles.

    Using dd-wrt, it works great....

    I connected my 2 routers wirelessly (wrt54gs v2.1 - host and wrt54g v4 as birdge/repeater). You have to use dd-wrt v23. I use dd-wrt v23 beta 2 mini for the wrt54g v4 and dd-wrt v23 standard for my wrt54gs v3. It works great.

    In the beginning I use WEP it works great, but now I use WPA2. You should use WPA for better wireless security.

    To configure the routers you can follow the setup configuration at:

    Read dd-wrt installation guide (the wiki) at http://wrt-wiki.bsr-clan.de/index.php?title=Main_Page

    To download www.dd-wrt.com

    Good luck
  4. CreativeSkillz

    CreativeSkillz Network Guru Member

    Thanks a million bro. One other question though, do I have to flash the bios on both routers in order to get it to work?

    Oh, and merry christmas.
  5. CreativeSkillz

    CreativeSkillz Network Guru Member

    Well after testing and messing round with the WLAN, I have realized that I am going to have to connect the two routers wired, and connect one of my desktop comuters to the other router, wired. Wireless sucks with playing online games. :thumbdown:

    Thanks for the help.
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