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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Harani, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. Harani

    Harani Guest

    i bought two WAP11s to do a point to point link over a distance.

    they are both Version 2.8 with firmware 2.06

    i got one set up as an AP then at the other end i set the other up as a client. it was connecting but it seemed to be very imtermittent
    Whereas when plugging the enternal antenna into my laptop wirless card i could see the AP at the other end fine, It seemd to have a good strong signal i could conect to it to make changes.

    I also tried to set them both up in bridging mode but could not get that working at all.

    One of my biggest problems is the lack of tools like signal strength indicator or site survey built into the web interface of these units. Are there any third party tools that will do this or can i change the firmware on the WAP11 to get this functionality ?

    I have found articles mentioning you can flash D-Link firmware onto a WAP11V22 to get this sort of functionality and also to provide 22Mbps capability will this work for a V2.8 ?

    i am a bit wary of trying it in case i "Brick" my AP
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