Wireless WORKS, but WRT54G setup says adapter incompatible??

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by dgrrr, Jul 10, 2005.

  1. dgrrr

    dgrrr Network Guru Member

    A client had a cable modem, a WRT54G wireless router, and a Dell laptop -- It was setup FINE, it worked wirelessly.

    But her internet downloads were slow, and had no WEP or WPA protection -- so I guessed neighbors mwight be leehcing bandwidth.

    So I wanted to add WEP. I did it thru the menu, and it worked fine. (Faster connection now)

    Here's my question -- before I remembered about the above menu, I tried running the LINKSYS SETUP CD that came with the WRT54G. When I clicked on SETUP, it either said "no compatible adapter found" or said that the wireless adapter was "not compatible" with the WRT54G.


    Obvioiusly, I solved the problem by using the menu - but what if I had wanted to use the setup CD? or what if we had to reset? I'm assuming it woudn't work, becuase of that error.

    Any ideas why the router SETUP cd would give that "incompatible wireless adapter" error, when the wireless network was ALREADY setup and working?

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