[Wireless] WRT54GX-v2 and online gaming

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by zawardo, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. zawardo

    zawardo Guest

    I just got this router, in 1 day i found most of the issues of the past firmwares and i'm now using 2.00.10. I still have concerns in online gaming (pro evolution soccer 5), it never gave me problems with past routers, i never had to forward ports or anything, but with this linksys i had to fully forward all udp ports (dmz doesn't work, triggers doesn't work, firmware prior 2.00.10 don't work, forward only the udp port it should use (5730) doesn't work), now i can play, but has some bad lag. I read about the QOS issue, but i'm not sure it's useful in this matter, since i play with free bandwith and it shuold have my total internet bandwith for itself (10mbit fibre). My internet pings are really good and constant, what could it be?
  2. faiiaf

    faiiaf Network Guru Member

    So am I. When I am playing the WOW"world of Warcraft". The pings is not so good. Before it is only 5Xms. After using the linksys the pinging became 1XX-3XXms. Sometimes, it will lost of connection. Now, I am trying the Qos config. Set the priority is "high". But the problem can't be solved !! Before I guess it is the problem of my ISP. But I plug the lan cable to the ADSL modem directly, it works happily !!

    BTW for the internet usage, it doesn't get any problem, even the upload and download. The pinging is very constant !!

    Can anyone help me solve it out??
  3. Zeddx

    Zeddx Guest

    Hi, i have a similar problem:

    I'm using WRT54GS now for a few weeks with 6mbit-connection and every now an then when i play BF2 i get kicked cause of low ping. Everything was fine until I started using this Router.
    I still use original firmware. I thougth that changing that could do any good, but I don't know which firmware too chose.. Is there any that is especially good for application like online-games?

    I hope anyone here can help. :)

    edit: not to forget: im connected with a cable to the router, wlan is just for ther rest of my family, but they dont use anything which needs much bandwith..
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