WLAN Network with WRT54GL and WAG354G

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by bogey63, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. bogey63

    bogey63 LI Guru Member

    Hi all,

    until this morning i had only a WAG354G and several computers and was happy with this setup.

    BUT i am tired of having the server around me, so i wanted to move it in a room next door, but am not allowed to drill holes in the wall. So i considered powerline, but this won't work, since the room there is on a different circuit, so no use either.

    My plan is now using a WLAN, therefore i bought a WRT54GL, which i upgraded with HyperWRT G Thibor15c.

    Now i am wondering how to configure the WRT354GL so i can connect to it.


    WAG354G hooked up with:

    1 Laptop (wired)
    1 desktop (wireless)
    1 desktop (wired)

    WRT345GL hooked up with:

    1 Server (wired)

    Unfortunately it is not possible to put into the server a WLAN Card, siince it runs on vmware esx and there are no ports left...

    I'd like to achieve the following:

    1. Connect with all computers to the server
    2. Connect with all computers (including Server!) to the internet.

    I gave it a try with the Ethernetbridge mode, but no connect, neither to server nor to the WRT54GL. I am pretty sure, this is just one click or something, but it drives me mad.

    Any help is truly appreciated!



    PS: I hope i got the right subforum chosen. Sorry if not, i am a newbie :)
  2. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    You need to use either WDS (not sure if the wag does that) or make the WRT a client of the wag. If you have phone lines you are not using an phone jacks in both rooms you could hardwire that way as well.
  3. bogey63

    bogey63 LI Guru Member

    After surfing on the worldwidewait, i found out, the WAG354G is not WDS capable and i have not found any 3rd party firmware doing WDS on that product.

    So there are two options in the Thibor firmware:

    Client and Ethernetbridging.

    What would you suggest? Which settings to use?

    Thanks for your fast reply!


    PS: no phonelines either... :-(
  4. sufrano63

    sufrano63 Network Guru Member

    try dd-wrt fw. Setup your new 54GL and flash with any v24 RC1, RC2 or RC3 build as repeater or repeater bridge. You can find out more at dd-wrt forum and wiki for tutorial on howto
  5. bogey63

    bogey63 LI Guru Member


    got that firmware, i flashed it and i am wondering, whether i should use the repeater or the repeater bridge....

    Could you elaborate a bit about which one to use and which other settings might apply?

    Thank you!
  6. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    The clear choice here, since you have no wireless connections to the GL, is to set the GL up as a client (or rather client bridge), while the WAG remains your AP. (Plug the server into one of the LAN ports of the GL). This way the GL effectively becomes the wireless adapter of your server (and any other machines wired to the GL). You would not be able to connect a client computer wirelessly to the GL though, but there's no speed penalty.

    The repeater options all have a speed penalty if connected to more than one wireless device.

    Also, FYI, in my experience, dd-wrt causes slower wireless speed than Thibor or Tomato. I don't know why, and it's quite possible that different versions, adapters, drivers, etc., and the combinations there-of, influences the speed.
  7. bogey63

    bogey63 LI Guru Member

    thank you all for information. This did the trick, the combination of the dd-wrt firmware, the client bridge, then using WEP instead of WPA and finally it all worked out. Server is up and running and the WRT accepts the WAG as AP and the WAG accepts the WRT as a client.

    Everything is fine. I will link to the instructions later, when the dd-wrt homepage is online again.

    Thanks all, i couldn't have done the job without you.


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