WLAN repeater problem

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Beggs, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. Beggs

    Beggs Guest

    hi folks,

    main: wrt54gl + tomato 1.18
    second: sinus 154 dsl

    main set to: AP
    second set to: "ap+wds"

    before the update with linksys firmware the repeater worked fine.
    after upgrading to tomato, i can't access the second.
    i see the master in the second with mac and ssid.

    i set the ip of the second to disabled FW, NAT and dhcp.
    the master should handle those...
    and i set a static ip to the mac of the second.

    how should i setup my devices?

    i tried same ssid's, different ssid's. master in different wireless modes, with no success.

    another problem that might be the cause is, that if i use a NON dhcp ip (with wired PC) thats not in static. i cant access tomato. why is that?

    im looking forward for your help.

    p.s.: i fixed it. :biggrin: tomato is now in ap+wds mode with a different ssid. wds ist set to lazy. mac of the second ap is in static list... it works, but i dont know why...:rolleyes:
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