WMP11 V2.7 PCi adapter connection issues...need help

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Makai2200, Nov 22, 2008.

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    Newbie here...hello everyone...i hope you can shed some light on my issues.
    Sorry it's lengthy but i wanted to explain it all in full.

    I've had the WMP11 V2.7 PCI adapter installed for months with 'excellant' signal strength on secured/unsecured networks WITHOUT A ROUTER...all of a sudden, i'm
    constantly losing my signal! If i switch to a "secured" network, it says i'm "connected" but when i try to log into AOL and/or IE it says "Looking for TCP/IP" and never connects. I can only connect to AOL thru the "unsecured" network.

    When i lose my signal on the "unsecured" networks, and my pc automatically connects me to a "secured" network, I would think that somehow, someway i should be able to connect to a "secured" network via AOL and/or IE. (On the "secured" network, it says i'm "connected")

    I called Linksys Tech Support about losing my signal, he convinced me that the WMP11 V2.7 i was using, was outdated (2004) and that if i bought the "new updated" WUSB300N adapter (refurb) for 39.99 all my connection problems would be solved...he actually "promised" me!!!!

    Well a week later, it finally came in the mail...I plug it in (it's a USB no need to take apart pc) and ALL the networks on the list have poor signal strength! When asked

    how this could be with the "new improved" network adapter? His answer (in his poor India accent) was that they probably changed channels so their networks couldn't be accessed! Huh??? 9 people changed their channel in one week???

    Instead of answering my question, he quickly changed the subject and "tried" to convince me that i now need the "N series router" (a refurbed one for 69.99)
    to go along with my "new" adapter, and again "all my connection problems will be resolved!" Well needless to say, i'm reluctant to buy anything at this point.

    Keep in mind up until about 2 weeks ago my WMP11 card... wasn't having any problems! I was connecting to the internet WITHOUT a router!
    Everyone on the network list secured/unsecured had EXCELLANT signal strength with the WMP11 V2.7 PCI adapter.
    Well since took out the WUSB300N, and plugged my WMP11 V2.7 PCI adapter back in...lo and behold...i'm back online and have been for almost a full day so far! First time in 2 weeks...with no weak signal.

    Linksys will not allow me to return the 'useless' WUSB300N which has been used for about 10 minutes! And if the router i "almost" ordered didn't work for me...they wouldn't allow me to return that either...I hung up on him!

    I don't know anything about this whole wireless network thig-a-ma-gig but i can tell you..that i'm back online with my old "outdated" WMP11 V2.7 card!
    After spending 39.99 for a part i could not use, SEVERAL useless hours with linksys tech support, NONE of which can speak good english! All they wanted me to do was buy things that that made my situation worse, then rush me off the phone when i have questions.
    Something doesn't add up here!

    Is there another Linksys tech support? Like an "AMERICAN " one where the employees speak english, and will actually try to help solve your problem and not make you buy a bunch of useless parts?

    Or perhaps you forum members can guide me in the right direction.

    At the moment, i'm connected!
    OS: Windows XP Home Edition
    Speed is: 11.0 Mbps
    Signal Strength: Good
    Status: Connected

    I'm using Windows XP and DO NOT have a router...i'm connected thru an "unsecured" network. My bf got all this set up...he recently passed away...i have no idea what he did or how i'm online...i DO know that i DON'T have to pay monthly for internet service anymore, and I'd like to keep it that way.

    Just wondering if i start having connection problems again, what steps i need to take to resolve the issue. Linksys Tech Support is useless!

    Thanx in advance for any insight resolving this matter...I sure hope this lengthy post explained everything so you can help me.

    Update: Now i'm starting to lose my signal again...it lasted one full day...HELP!!!!
  2. Makai2200

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    Edit: Are the people who's "unsecured" networks i'm connecting to, intentionally kicking me off?
    Or is it a signal issue? Sometimes i have 3-4 bars stating "good" to "very good" connection...then i lose it, and the network i was just connected to are nowhere to be found....How can the signal go from "good" to "non existant" in a matter of minutes? Is the signal like a frisbee, and is flying around somewhere, and when it gets close to my house, it allows me to connect til it gets out of range again?
    Sorry, i don't mean to sound condescending...i just totally don't understand how it's in range with 3-4 bars one minute, and gone the next, unless the "unsecured" network i'm connecting to is manually doing something to make me lose my connection.
    Such as, am i kicking him off when i log in, and he's kicking me off when he logs in?
    Last night i was on for hours (1:30am-6am) Earlier today i was only able to log on for about 2-3 minutes...now i cannot connect AT ALL!
    Please help me to understand this?
  3. Makai2200

    Makai2200 Addicted to LI Member

    Was my question too long?
    Was it unclear what i was needing help on?
    Was it posted in the wrong section?
    Or, no one that can help me has clicked onto this thread yet? :confused:

    I'd like to add, that I had Charter come out yesterday and "hook me up" (you know, legally, where i have a monthly bill) but i'm having all the EXACT same issues...it's almost as if they never even came out! He told me to call Linksys, Linksys told me to call Charter....I even tried AOL tech support...nadda!

    I have called AOL, Linksys, and my computers tech support...Charter was off for the holiday, but i'll be calling them tomorrow! None of those tech support gurus have been able to help me to "stay connected" :frown:
    Perhaps i'm not explaining my issues right? I have no idea...i just know that i need some help.

    Thanx for your time :wall:
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