wmp300n and Intel DQ35JO

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by outflying, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. outflying

    outflying Network Guru Member


    I'm really stumpted on this one. I'm trying to install a wmp300n onto an intel DQ35JO MB. After I place the card into the pci slot and flip the power switch back on the mother board cycles the power over and over but won't boot up. The fans come on, then shut off, fans come on, then shut off. Over and over again. Remove the card and the computer boots fine.

    Could anyone please help?

  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    Never put in a card into a computer with out disconnecting the power cord for a few minutes. Most motherboards have power to the PCI bus, when turned off. After you disconnected the power cord insert the WMP350N firmly into the PCI slot and make certain it is fully seated. Close the case and reconnect the power cord and see if the computer boots up. If it does follow the instructions enclosed with the NIC to install the drivers for the card. If this fails thry installing the card in another PCI slot.
  3. outflying

    outflying Network Guru Member

    Thank you for the ideas!
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