WMP300N Freezes Windows XP

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by road-runner, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. road-runner

    road-runner Network Guru Member

    Hi, I have the WRT350n and it has been working great with all my 802.11g cards, so I bought a WMP300n and installed it on my GA-965P-DQ6 with a E6850, XP Pro and it messed up my sound and was stuttering so I thought it was the motherboard. I moved that rig and went and got my Q6600 GA P35 DS3R XP Pro I had just built that has been working perfectly fine with the Linksys G card, and installed the n card and music stutters on it and freezes the machine up. I got the new driver for it from Linksys website and that got rid of the stutter, but its still freezing my machine. I put the G card back in and it does not freeze up. Is there a fix for this or should I go ahead and return the card?

    Thanks in advance...
  2. Sabboth

    Sabboth LI Guru Member

    I tried installing the WMP300N last night and it worked right up until I tried playing an mp3 in winamp. That's then the horrors started with the freezing and constant rebooting. I managed to get it back up and running and spent a hell of a lot of time with Linksys support to no avail. I managed to waste a lot of time going through all the steps they told me to go through which I had already did!!!. Now I'm back on the G card.

    But that doesn't end. I seem to have inherited a new problem. Now in the device manager, there's a PCI device that's got the !! on it and I still have no idea where that originated from. Maybe I had inadvertantly uninstalled something else while uninstallying the N card. Now XP keeps detecting some sort of PCI device every time I start up. I have no clue what it is and I've tried using the cd that came with the motherboard to see if there was some sort of driver for it. I still have no idea!!!!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've had too many headaches trying to figure out the PCI cards now.
  3. Sabboth

    Sabboth LI Guru Member

    Oh yeah I forgot to add some info about this problem.

    When I try to find out which PCI slot it's in, it just says PCI bus 0. Hopefully that limits some of the potential problems??
  4. road-runner

    road-runner Network Guru Member

    Mine also left a yellow exclamation point after uninstalling. On mine it was part of the sound drivers it took out upon uninstall. I reinstalled my sound drivers and everything was ok. I ended up taking my second Linksys card back and got DFI N card.
  5. Sabboth

    Sabboth LI Guru Member

    Now I'm at a loss. I really don't want to be swapping out stuff in each PCI slot so here's my problem.

    Under the device manager there's a tab with "other devices" that has an unknown PCI device with the yellow exclamation marks on it. Even when there was nothing in the slot where my wireless cards were in before, Windows would detect it and prompt me to find a driver for it. Now how the hell do I go about that without even knowing what sort of device it is??? I tried the motherboard disc (I'm on an Asus mobo), the Windows disc, but nothing.

    Also Linksys support wasn't all that helpful when I called in yesterday. We spent 45 minutes mickey mousing around doing stuff that I had already done, such as uninstall the WMP300N and then rebooting and trying to automatically and manually install the drivers. It just says it's not able to start the device, and it's just a infinite cycle.

    I'm back on my WMP54G, but I have no idea if the router is going to drop the connection again or something. I'm willing to give the N card a shot again, but I'm not even sure if there's a hardware conflict or not. I'm not as tech savvy as most, but I know my way around enough to try and rule things out.

    I'm really starting to lose some morale over this.
  6. rhimes

    rhimes Guest

    I had similar issues with my wmp300n. Mine uses an atheros chipset (not sure if it's the same in the US). If yours does, try the 5008 drivers from atheros.cz.
  7. TonyC00per

    TonyC00per LI Guru Member

    Like you I had a problem with audio and video choppiness. I narrowed it down to the Linksys driver. I installed the latest driver and it appears to have corrected the problem.

    However, I am a little concerned about how it corrected the problem. I used DPC LatencyChecker V1.1.0 to determine exactly what driver was hogging on the PCI bus (and causing the choppiness).

    See the before and after results by looking at the following images.

    I disabled my device drivers one at a time until latency bars were all green. It was the WMP300N original driver.


    I then installed the new driver...tested for choppiness - now gone... and reran DPC LatencyChecker...

    It appears that the new driver is simply saturating the PCI Bus!


    Anyone have any ideas?

    I am going to contact Linksys support to try to get to the bottom of this.
  8. TonyC00per

    TonyC00per LI Guru Member

    I just replaced my Linksys WMP300N with an EDIMAX EW-7728IN pre N wireless adapter.

    I gotta say it installed easily and worked right out of the box. I am using the antenna from the Linksys and getting better signal strength then the Linksys ever got. Connected at 270 Mbs and no more stuttering videos or music. :thumbup:

    Picked it up at NewEgg for $60.

    Anyone know anything about this company or chipset?


    Well - all is not well with the EDIMAX card either. It suffers from the same problem (although not as severe) as the early Linksys drivers. Every minute or two I see the same High spike in the PCI bus and as a result I still get the audio/video video hiccup when the bus gets the hit. Looking back I think I'd have been better staying at the G level card until N stabilizes. I don't see Linksys moving to correct this well documented problem.

    I was on the phone with Linksys support for 2 hours and got nowhere.
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