WMP54G connects to network, but no connection to net or other PCs

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Skroob, Jul 15, 2008.

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    So, picked up a Linksys Wireless G router (the new sexy black one, sans-exterior antennae, and updated to latest Firmware 1.0.01(build3)). My two computers are hard-wired, so no problem there with some CAT 5. There is another PC, the soon-to-be-wifey's, where a CAT 5 would be a pain in the rear to run, so i threw in an old PCI Linksys wireless card (WMP54G) that i have had kicking around.

    Set it up with the latest drivers. set both the card and the router to WEP security, and give it the nice 26 hex key... yay. its all up and running.

    fast forward to three days of usage later, and the wireless PC can no longer reach the internet, or the other computers on the network.

    Now, the signal is fine (70% reading on the PC), and its even connected as far as status goes, WEP and all. But pulling up the net, or trying to navigate to another of the PCs on the network, returns Epic Fail (and no packets are seen sent or received).

    Now, its registering the internal IP address it should ( in this case, thru DHCP) in the network connections window, as in matching her PC to what the router sees (on the client table), and all other settings seem fine (nothing has changed since it was working the last few days), but the "activity" monitor only registers about 2 packets received, and 150 sent (the numbers all double after i disable, then reconnect to the network), but they dont change when trying to use the network, either internet ot trying to find other PCs on the network.

    All the while, my two PCs with a CAT5 connection are working just fine.

    From within the router, i can PING the other PCs IP addresses (100% packet success), but the IP for the wireless come back 0 of 5.

    Restarting does not help.

    I have tried to system restore that PC to a time when it worked, but the problem still exists (so i undid the restores).

    Any ideas??? Thanks in advance!
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