WMP54G Driver Issue

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Project_D, Jun 30, 2004.

  1. Project_D

    Project_D Network Guru Member

    I'm quite new to this network stuff so excuse my newbieism.

    A month ago, I purchased a WRT54G v2 router with a WMP54G card (Not sure about the version but it came with a v1.2 disc). Set it up fine.. just an hour or two ago while I was chatting, it suddenly disconnected, instantly. Usually, I do get disconnected and I go into network connections, disable and enable and it'll reconnect fine just that this time, it just dropped the connection instantly.

    I knew this wasn't a router issue since I would see other wireless networks in my XP window, one that isn't even mine (I'd see one that is linksys and another one which the SSID isn't mine). Resetted anyways and obvious things like SSID broadcasting was enabled whereas encryption and mac filtering was disabled. Anyways, that didn't work so I loaded the CD that came with the network card that says v1.2 on it, reinstalled the driver and it worked. 2 Hours later, same thing. I had to do the driver install again. Anyways, any reason or experiences why it's acting like this? Since it says v1.2 on the CD which other drivers can I use from the Linksys FTP?
  2. Esquire

    Esquire Mesquire Staff Member Member


    Is this the WMP54G version you have?

    You shouldn't be looking at the Setup CD version, but the driver version instead. Anyway, here is the latest driver download.

    If your WMP54G looks like this,


    the above driver download is NOT applicable.

    There might be other reasons for your disconnection. Are you using any wireless encryption? If so, WEP or WPA? Another thing to try is to change channels on your router to see if your disconnection is caused by radio interference.
  3. Project_D

    Project_D Network Guru Member

    Since I just bought this, I bought the v4 (or so it says on the picture).

    Yes, I'm not using the CD Setup, I'm directly picking out a driver for it to install which is CDRom:\Drivers\

    Yep, I'm on WPA Pre-Shared Key (TKIP) which could be a reason).

    I'll see if another channel would help.
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