WMP54G Drop Off/ Disconnections

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Buaver, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. Buaver

    Buaver Network Guru Member

    I have this wireless adapter and it seems to have this habit of dropping off alot! In other words I loose the connection to my network and it wont connect through refreshes. I end up doing the repair connection on my icon. Occasionally it will freeze up completely and the only way to reconnect is by restarting my computer. My computer seems to have the only issue. i have the HyperWRT installed on my router. Funny thing is my connection is great, IE always have Excellent, so WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS STUPID CARD? I replaced the antennas boosting the power which seem to make a difference. The killer of it is, my connection worked fine for 2 days straight without disconnecting. Then I decided to replace my antenna on my card, bad desciosion. Right away I knoticed that my connection was all over the place and quickly put my other one back on. IT was some generic brand antenna from Comp USA, it was in the shape of a Slim Speaker and connected to the adapter via wire. So I put my original antenna back on and then I began to have all these issues. However, this habit of disconnection became more prominent after i messed with the adapters antenna. Once again No other computers in my household have this issue just mine.
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