WMP54G (EU), WPA2 and packet loss in one minute interval

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by brless, May 13, 2006.

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    I have a desktop with WMP54G-EU and a laptop with WPC54G-EU. I believe the WMP-card is v4, which is the only one available for driver download in the "Finnish" Linksys site ( www-fi.linksys.com/ ). My AP is WRT54GC.

    For some reason my desktop's transfer speed drops to zero for 1 to 2 seconds at exactly 60 second intervals.

    I tested it by downloading a file and looked at a bandwidth graph, which shows a pretty constant download speed before and after each drop. Meaning it downloads at full speed, drops to zero for a second and then returns to full speed.

    I also downloaded the same file with the laptop, but didn't find any drops in the bandwidth graph.

    For a second test I ran a ping-loop, to my ISP's web server, on both computers simultaniously. Both show a constant latency of 10-14 ms, but again, once every minute the desktop computer shows a latency of 1300-1700 ms.

    Windows shows the signal strength to be "Excellent" and connection speed to be 54 Mbps (sometimes it shows 48 Mbps, but it doesn't seem to drop consitently with the packet loss). The laptop is further from the AP and iwconfig reports it's speed to be 24 to 48 Mbps.

    I saw a post about Ralink driver version, so I'm going to try those later. At the moment my driver is (stated in the properties window of the Linksys adapter in Device Manager).
  2. brless

    brless LI Guru Member

    New driver didn't fix the problem

    The new Ralink driver didn't fix the problem.
  3. brless

    brless LI Guru Member

    Graph image

    Here's a picture of bandwidth graph:


    When I'm downloading an ISO file from ftp.fi.debian.org.
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