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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by soltakr, Jan 2, 2006.

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    Hello all
    I jus got this for my brothers computer and it doesnt detect it at all. i brought it begining of dec but just installed it 2days ago.

    Iv tried:
    1 install card then software then uninstalled
    2 software then card
    3 used windows zero thing (tried setting it to manual aswell)
    4 tried different slots, disabled wired NIC
    5 software from cd then from linksys

    and everytime its not listed in device manager.

    its the WMP54G V4 with router WRT54GS

    PC is AMD XP2000, 1G Ram, Gigabyte GA7VTXE+ Rev 1.0 with reformatted HD with new XP Pro+SP2 updated with windows update, Via 4in1 443 and Norton IS06 and no other software or updates. I know the card works cause the green light goes on but the card doesnt show up in dev manager but the install from the cd goes fine.

    Now i hav put the card in my pc, card then software and it shows up and im connected with 64% signal-no probs at all. so the card does work with the router and it is nice.

    my PC AMD XP2200 1G Ram Asus A7V333 XP Home oem

    i have tried linksys online support and was there over an hour and they were no help at all and often repeated questions i already gave answers to. worst of all they ask me a repeat question, i answered it then they just disconnected. (which i sent a complaint to linksys about)

    any help would be appreciated cause i cant return the card(dont qualify for amazons xmas grace period and i dont need this card) brother wanted same hardware so thats why i brought the router and card together.

    i am so frustrated at this and its a great hassle worst was it made me feel like a noob since im taking Cisco at Uni and said it will take me 10min to sort out. - but its computer problem :( i do feel little better that i know it does work and i didnt hav to return it- had hassle with my xp+ ram purchase which were damaged. when i got them from Scan.

    thank you for reading
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