WMP54g v2 problems

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by SteveWac, Jul 20, 2005.

  1. SteveWac

    SteveWac Network Guru Member


    Just bought WAG54G v2, WMP54g v2, and WPC54G hardware.

    Setup WAG54G and installed WPC54G card without problems and can access internet. However the PCI wireless card (WMP54G) is unable to connect to my WAG54G at all. I did have it connected for a while without access to internet, but it took about 5 minutes to find the Gateway.

    WAG54G is running 1.00.019 firmware and WMP54G is running with driver 3.30.15.

    The PCI card is installed on my PC which is running XP SP2, no Linksys software was installed not sure it there should be as there is on my laptop.

    Can anyone help? Do I need to alter anything on the Advance tab of the wireless card adapter properties?


  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    Do you have any encryption setup on the WAG54G v2? If you ware using WPA-PSK there is a hotfix that has to be installed and enable SSID broadcast. If you are using WEP and using the paraphase key generator use only the first key generated. Type in the key exactly the same, better yet cut and paste it in. Any MAC Address filtering? Make certain that eh MAC address of the WMP54G is in the list of PCs allowed to access the WAG54G. The Bluetooth collaboration should be disabled by default, if it is not disable it. I could not connect to my router, when it was enabled. You were correct to install no Linksys client software, since ith is incompatible with Windows XP SP2.
  3. SteveWac

    SteveWac Network Guru Member

    I have WPA-PSK encryption set on the WAG54G v2. Where do I find the hotfix?

    ot sure what "MAC address filtering", if you mean do I only allow certain MAC addresses access to the router then I have this set to "Allow all"

    Is WPA-PSK the best encyrption to use?

    My laptop only has XP SP1 installed, if I install XP SP2 will the Linksys software on there stop working? If I install XP SP2 do I just use Windows to manage the wireless connection?
  4. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    The hot fix is available at: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/...4d-e7c1-48d6-95ee-1459234f4483&DisplayLang=en

    If MAC filtering do you allow all computers to access the Wireless network then you do not have to enter any MAC Addresses, otherwise you have to enter the MAC address of the WMP54G in the list of PCs permited to access the wireless net work.

    WPA-PSK AES WPA2 is the best encryption with out the use of a Radius server, certificates, smartcards, 802.1X, LEAP, etc. If you have WPA2, it is an implementation of the standard IEEE adopted and may not work with WPA-PSK AES WPA. You may have WPA-PSK AES, but it was based on the draft standard and may not be compatible with WPA2.

    Yes if you apply the Windows XP SP2 on your laptop, it may stop working. But you should really install the service pack, since it is more secure.
  5. SteveWac

    SteveWac Network Guru Member

    Thanks for the hot link.

    I upgraded my WAG54gv2 to firmware 1.01, and installed SP2 on my laptop. I then unistalled all the Linksys drivers from both laptop and PC. I used Windows update to install drivers for the cards. I then setup WEP encryption and had problems with the laptop - Kept on dropping the wireless link about every minute. So I then changed the encrytion to WPA-PSK and so far both laptop and PC have had contant wireless access.


    Thanks for your help.
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