WMP54G v4 and WEP128 to my WRT54G v2 not working, cannot AP

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by bamab, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. bamab

    bamab Network Guru Member

    1) WMP54G v4 Desktop E-machine with the Linksys driver 3.03.0 4/21/2005
    2) WRT54G v2 G-Router with firmware v2.02.7, 2/27/2004
    3) WVC54G G-Camera

    Issue: trying to get WEP128 to work on the pci adapter. I see the camera and router work fine on WEP128. I called Linksys and spent about an hour with the lady from "India?" until my baby started crying. Last things I have done are updating the pci driver and the Linksys network monitor to version 4.3.

    Should I try a new driver from the chip manufacturer? why does the camera work but not the card? I have them in my office for test at short range and it works w\out encryption.
  2. bamab

    bamab Network Guru Member

    Patience, reboot, system to troubleshoot and log your steps

    Well, I got 14 views, some my own hits, before a response and it's my own response. Anyhow, here is what I learned.

    1. Have patience
    2. Create a systematic way to troubleshoot, starting with no encryption
    3. Log what you did so you can retrace the steps where it last worked.

    bottom line, after leaving the system off overnite I removed the encryption and established communications fine. :)

    Next, I changed the profile to WEP-64 on the PCI and then the router. Connected fine without having to power down.

    Last, I used the same process changing toWEP128. Works fine.

    Finally, turned the camera on, after a little bit, it also establishes communications with WEP128.

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