WMP54G v4 and windows vista beta...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gatorized, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. gatorized

    gatorized Network Guru Member

    has anyone found the way to get a wmp54g v4 (no speedbooster of anything) card to work on the beta 2 microsoft just realeased that actually almost killed the whole internet (kuz i think 72000 Gb of transfer per day is a little bit over-exagerated, but disregarding my personnal opignon lets keep talking about my problem). Yes, so i tried the cd installation setup, which died after 3 clicks, telling me IKernel.exe could start up... well i wasnt really hoping on this setup anyways kuz it never really worked well (like on my windows xp 2, well after a lot of hours, i actually found a way to get it working). i mean, seriously, these adapters are a pain in the ass, like you're thinking of it and it cant stream more than 1000 kb/s with 95% signal (from a home network) .... (wmp54g = booo)...Sorry, to all the firmware developers, who i probably just insulted, i still love you a lot. So yeah, may be you guys can try to patent me a special driver for my card, or just link me to some site that already does. Enought talking. Thx to anyone posting anything in this Tread.

    GO ...heum... ITALY! :cheering:
  2. HiSpeed

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