WMP54G Won't Talk to the WRT54G. Pu-LEEEZE Help!

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by yzfchet, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. yzfchet

    yzfchet Network Guru Member

    After spending (no joke) 5 hours sporadically on the phone with the Bombay tech support folks last night, I was finally able to get the WRT54G wireless router to work with the new Dell desktop (Windows XP Home Edition) and DSL it is hardwired to.

    Tackling the next nightmare, I installed the software via enclosed CD and installed the WMP54G PCI card/antenna into an older HP Pavillion with Windows ME and no internet access (in a closet) earlier this evening. Short story - the card seems to work fine (adapter is active) but cannot talk to the router. Signal strength is 73 to 75%, but no talkee. Same "Cannot associate with the Access point" message. It's 30 feet between the PCI adapter antenna and the router's antennae.

    Another hour+ session with a tech support guru from India suggested completely removing the hardware, uninstalling the software, downloading the same software from the LinkSys website, burning it onto a CD, and starting over from scratch. I kid you not.

    I have joined this forum in the desperate hope that one of you kind folks can advise on how to get this simple little 2 computer wireless network to work, or if should simply return the hardware to the store because it won't work with an older PC using Windows ME.

    Thanks in advance for any helpful response.
  2. mozetti

    mozetti Network Guru Member

    First, if you d/l from the Linksys site, there's no reason to burn it from CD - just run if from your hard drive.

    Second, I don't use the Linksys software because WinXP has the Wireless Zero Configuration Wizard (or somesuch) - does WinMe have such a feature via Windows Update? If so, I recommend it.

    Can you get a signal and/or connection, and just not an IP?

    Thridly, are you using static IP addresses or DHCP?

    --If DHCP, make sure DHCP is activated on the router. Also, check to see how many IPs it is set to give out - I had a similar problem and it was because I set the router to only give out 2 addresses, but I was adding a third computer to the mix.

    --If static IPs, make sure all the computer have unique IPs.

    Hope it helps, and post back after you've tried some more ideas and maybe someone else will happen by that can help, too.
  3. yzfchet

    yzfchet Network Guru Member

    WRT54G/WMP54G - Distance = death!

    I have found the problem with my WMP54G not being able to "associate with the Access point": Distance!!!!

    All users of WRT54G and WMP54G: I would really like to hear what maximum distance and minimum signal strength you have found to provide a continuous connection between the wireless router and the PCI card.

    For my simple setup, 78% is the minimum signal strenth, and 28 feet is the maximum distance I am able to separate the PCI card antenna and the router antennae, and still maintain connectivity. This appears to be so short a distance as to be virtually un-marketable, so I'd like to hear what others have found to be effective distances.

    Chet :eek:
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