Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Tulsaboyw, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. Tulsaboyw

    Tulsaboyw Network Guru Member

    Ok...this is weird.

    If I use a lancard, all is fine...but when I try to use my wmp54g it acts like its connected, but i have no connectivity despite the screen saying I do.

    I had a friend who is very much expert tweak everything (by remote, he is on east coast, Im in Oklahoma).

    The only time I get internet is via the lancard.

    Ive tried everything I can think of having installed several networks.

    The card was 100% ok just two weeks ago in a previous pc.
    (That was sisnlaws pc, she moved out).

    Now though the new pc seems ok, the card seems ok, until I actaully try to connect to the wrt54g wirelessly.

    Oh, the new pc is on the table with only a printer blocking the distance between wrt54g and wmp54g.

    Tried both, the default setup and the specifics (putting in all the values).

    Seriously considering going ahead with wired, but that means 50-80 ft of cable to go from office to den (where new pc will end up).

    Any other ideas? I relize what I say here is sketchy.

    Oh, another item, Though I can install a lot of things, the linksys cd doesnt seem to want to install (just does a popup and disappears).
    Though I can do the install by going into the setup file (installshield)...bypassing the cd's primary startup.

    No matter, I was able to update the card via web when connected via lan.
  2. Tulsaboyw

    Tulsaboyw Network Guru Member


    A long time later.
    I ended up replacing the pci adapter card with a usb based alternative... which is working great..

    Note: all pc's outside my homeoffice (all other pc's in home) are primarily web surfer's and printing options (except one which has my scanner)..

    Only the pc's in the office are maxed out, and they are always wired direct to router.

    However, new problems have emerged.
    I blame the modem, since the router is seemingly fine.

    However since Im in the mode of building a new pc, the new pc will have all new stuff (usb2.0,built in lan, etc)... time will tell.

    I have been mulling the buy of a wCG200 (combo)>
  3. infoterror

    infoterror LI Guru Member

    There seem to be a lot of stories like this with the version 4.0 card. Is that what you have?
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