WMP54GS...always @ 1.0 Mbps

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by glazzz, Nov 26, 2005.

  1. glazzz

    glazzz Network Guru Member

    i just purchased a new WMP54GS and when i first connect to my network (WRT54GS), it says that i'm connected at 54 or 36 Mbps, but it always drops to 1.0Mbps, i've tried moving the computer, Maxxx broadcom drivers, etc and it does not help. I used to use a wusb54g and always got 54mbps, but it kept freezing my system, so i switched to a pci card...any ideas?
  2. ErikTheRed

    ErikTheRed Network Guru Member

    I'm having the same problem with the WMP54Gv2, I can't figure out what to do to fix it. All I know is that it is extremely annoying.
  3. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member


    The position of antenna is very important.
    For mine, I have been obliged to put my tower at the right place and turn it to have the back in direction to my AP...
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