WMP54GS and WRT54GS range issues

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by cardinal, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. cardinal

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    I have set up my home network where the WRT54GS is placed on the first floor of the house in the corridor, and 2 PC's in seperate rooms are connected to it via the WMP54GS PCI cards. While connection is established, the signal is Low to Very Low, and only sometimes Good. The problem I feel is the thickness of the walls (2+ feet) as it is a very old house.

    My own 2 PC's are on the ground floor in a room with walls of the same thickness. The connection here is established but signal shows No Signal, also using WMP54GS.

    The router is currently with the stock 2.09.1 firmware installed, just the way it came out of the box I didnt want to be too hasty with the firmware upgrade.

    I thought of replacing the WMP54GS in the computer downstairs with the USB 2.0 version and place THAT outside the room on the wall. Would that help?

    The other option I am considering is to replace antenna's on both the router and PCI cards with those with a higher gain. Is that logical?

    I am open to all options, if anyone could suggest anything at all. I really need to make this work.

    Distance is not the issue, as none of the PC's is more than 30 ft. from the router. So the only logical reason for the problem appears to be the thickness of the walls.

  2. Esquire

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    Two feet thick walls?! That is incredible! The outer walls of a modern steel reinforced concrete building is about 6 inches thick, with inner walls being thinner. Are you living in a castle? (joke) Of what materials are these walls made? Are the walls hollow or solid? Since you mention there are computers on the lower floors, how thick is the floor and of what materials?

    While without knowing the layout of your residence, placing the WUSB54G outside the room may help (does it improve the line-of-sight to the router?), but what is the distance from the computer are we talking about? Some USB devices don't operate well if you add USB extension cables.

    Replacing with a high gain antenna will help but it is difficult to say how much gain is enough since your walls are so thick. Something else to consider is to add a repeater somewhere downstairs to help maintain signal strength, but it is very difficult to say for sure what works and what doesn't since there is no layout to view.

    You can get an idea how your signals get affected if you draw an imaginary straight line from each client and the router. Any floors, walls, physical objects the line passes through will be absorbing and weaking your signals. I use this method every time to gauge/visualize how good or bad things can get when I setup a network for friends. It also helps to use a wireless notebook to locate bad/blind spots.
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