WMP54GS hopelessly unstable...

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by b_u_z, Sep 3, 2004.

  1. b_u_z

    b_u_z Network Guru Member


    I recently bought:
    WRT54GS Router
    2x WMP54GS PCI Adapter

    The PCI cards are proving very troublesome. they are not remotely stable.

    Frequently they lose connection to the router and ultimately lose ability to see the wireless SSID. Then I reboot and the SSID will show, but I can't connect to it.

    Am using Win XP Pro, SP2, drivers from both web and CD.

    It's the same pattern on 2 different PC's with 2 different WMP54GS's.
    Each PC is a different Chipset. One is KT266 and the other is i865.

    Have tried different slots etc.

    If i use the router with 11b PCI cards, it works fine.
  2. b_u_z

    b_u_z Network Guru Member

    btw - I am not using WEP or WPA. after initial issues I decided to keep things open and as plain as possible until I see some stability.

    I have tried the adapters with afterburner on and off.

    either way, speed will start at 125 (or 54, depending on above setting), then gradually decline until the connection is lost altogether.

    the whole time signal strength shows no less than 2 bars, generally 3, sometimes higher. The bars rarely change while I'm watching them either, the strength seems relatively stable, though not fantastically strong.
  3. Lance

    Lance Network Guru Member

    I have the same setup and experienced the same problem. My wireless computers are on the edge of my wireless range, so I expected some problems, but not this bad. I saw this on Google:

    Basically, this guy solved his Broadcom chipset BSOD problem with a newer BCMWL5.SYS driver (v3.70.17.00, Aug 4, 2004) that HP gives out with it's zt3280us notebook computers. The Broadcom driver that Linksys has for the WMP54GS is v3.50.21.11.

    I was desperate, so I tried it - the driver works so much nicer than My network speed changes have settled down, signal strength no longer wanders all over and even Netstumbler shows a more stable signal strength over time.

    Download the HP driver files here:
    and extract all the files. One of the many files will be the new BCMWL5.SYS driver.

    Go to c:\windows\system32\drivers. Rename the older Linksys BCMWL5.SYS file to BCMWL5.OLD, insert the new BCMWL5.SYS file from HP. Reboot.

    Hope this helps,

  4. Birds

    Birds Network Guru Member

    Several things to try:

    1) Turn the antennas on the wireless router horizontal (sideways) instead of vertical (up and down).

    For some reason the horizontal position seems to radiate and grab signals better. This caused a 10 dB change in signal strength with one of the laptops in our house - much better results than using the high gain antennas Linksys sells!

    Try pointing the front or back of the router towards the PC having the most trouble. Yes, the antennas are supposed to be omni-directional, but it made a difference in our situation.

    2) Have you tried turning off the Wireless Zero Configuration service in XP? Control Panel --> Administrative Options --> Services.

    This service will always try to look for an SSID that is broadcast and with the best signal strength. This may or may not be your router if there are other folks close. Turning off this service should let the NIC's client software control the activity 100%.

    3) Try using Funk Software's Odyssey client supplicant. You can try it with a 30 day free download. Then it's $50 to purchase. Yes XP is supposed to have wireless networking built in, and yes Linksys' client software should work, but we found the Odyssey supplicant eliminated a lot of our connectivity issues right away. It also supports much higher levels of encryption than the Linksys software did.

  5. b_u_z

    b_u_z Network Guru Member

    New problem


    Thanks for your replies. For a couple months I had been running fairly well (i did move the antennae on both router and nic for much improved signal strength), but despite this, when I booted up this morning I found a a new problem.

    The WMP54GS driver won't load. Looking in device manager shows it with Code 10 error, "could not start". System event log shows the broadcom driver failing too.

    Uninstalled the driver and rebooted, XP detected the new hardware but when I browse to the (linksys.com obtained) drivers to install them, Windows claims there are no drivers for this device at that location.

    If i had installed new apps or hardware, I could see this kind of thing cropping up, but i haven't. One day it worked, the next day it didn't...all that happened in between was i shut it down over night and booted up in the morning.

    Guess I'll try using that updated broadcom driver from HP...
  6. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    try a sytem restore from a few days ealier.
  7. b_u_z

    b_u_z Network Guru Member

    thx, but no diff.

    will see how the HP supplied broadcom update goes.
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