WMP54GS issues

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by BrentN, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. BrentN

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    You guys might think I'm crazy but I have a weird issue that I just can't seem to explain. I've been trying to diagnose a friends wireless network. There is a Windows XP SP2 box with a WMP54GS wireless card in it. The router is a WRT54GS. I'm very familiar with the WRT54G as I own one myself.

    WRT54GS is setup with WPA and MAC address filtering.

    OK so the XP box just won't connect to the wireless network. It can see the network, it occassionally sees another network in the neighborhood. Well I take my Powerbook over there and disable the mac address filtering and both connect. I check to make sure the mac address is right and it is. So I add my Powerbook's mac to the table let it reboot and both machines connect. I leave my powerbook up and find the other machine working well. I shut my powerbook and notice well the XP box disconnected. Try to release and renew with ipconfig and well it won't have it. It stays stuck at the "acquiring ip" phase. I opened up my Powerbook and bam it connects. It seems the only way this computer will get online is if my Powerbook is on the network too. I assume it may go for any wireless device but the Powerbook is all I got.

    The connection strength on the XP box stays above 2 bars of the 5. Doesn't seem to have any other problem with the wireless, besides that. I've tried to assign a manual ip but it won't connect till my Powerbook does. I've about run out of options to try and have been really fed up with it. Does anyone have any ideas to what I could try?
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