WMP54GS Major Problems..

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by DJSherwin, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. DJSherwin

    DJSherwin Network Guru Member

    So, my story.. :(

    I've had a WRT54G v2 Router connected to my father's computer for about a year and a half, along with 2 WMP54GS (I guess the dealer thought he was sly selling us 2 NIC's we couldn't use..I didnt realize it at the time). Both have worked fine since we bought them, however lately mine has been acting up a ton. It randomly drops its connection for hours at a time. No matter what I do I cant get it to reconnect. It randomly reconnects itself with Limited or No Connectivity (most of the time), sometimes it will be fine. When it does manage to connect it goes from working fine for a couple hours to incredibly slow packet sending. I haven't changed anything in my computer. If it helps any my computer is on Windows XP. I've tried everything from reformatting my computer and reinstalling drivers to resetting the router, changing channels, changing firmware. Nothing fixes it :(
    Any help greatly appreciated..
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