WMP54GS on XP PRo SP2 will not connect

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by mmayott, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. mmayott

    mmayott Guest

    I recently upgraded from a linksys 11b card to the 54GS to a WRT54G router. The old card had no problems.

    Zero config will not see my open ap. If I disable zero config and load linksys monitor I can see the ap but will not connect.

    Linksys support drove me over the edge with stupid questions that had nothing to do with the issue and states no issue with this card and SP2.

    The box is a Dell PWS450 Dual Zeon at 2.14GHz and 3GB RAM

    Any thoughts would be appricated.
  2. matthiaz

    matthiaz Network Guru Member

    Maybe try another pci slot for your card since neither WZC nor Linksys App is able to connect.

    Or uninstall Linksysapp and manually install the drivers for your card. Newest Broadcom drivers can be found HERE.

    Then try WZC again which btw should be used instead of the Linksysapp.
  3. matthiaz

    matthiaz Network Guru Member

    So, how's it going, mate? Is it working now?
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