Wmp54GS problem

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Gus, Dec 12, 2004.

  1. Gus

    Gus Network Guru Member

    I have installed a Linksys wmp54gs pci adapter on a HP pavillion running XP media center edition 2005. the pci adapter communicates with a D-Link Router DI-614+. Everything is configured properly and I can access the internet from the HP pavillion. But every 20 seconds the PCI adapter on the HP causes the router to drop the links to any connected PC (wireless or ethernet) for a few seconds (2-3) and then everything proceeds normally until the next 20 seconds have passed. When I disable the PCI adapter in the HP pavillion, the router works fine without ever dropping a connection to any of the other connected PC's.

    Has anybody experienced this problem or heard of it? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  2. geogecko

    geogecko Network Guru Member

    May want to look at the many other numerous threads involving this card.

    First step to try is to DISABLE Windows Zero Wireless Configuration. Even if it was disabled before, it enables it when you first install the card. Use the Linksys utility to configure the card.

    Other option, get another card besides the Linksys. I took my card out, and hooked up my game adapter instead.
  3. Gus

    Gus Network Guru Member

    Thanks geogecko,

    I did DISABLE Windows Zero Wireless Configuration and tried without success. Problem is, the Linksys utility to configure the card will not be recognized by XP.
  4. geogecko

    geogecko Network Guru Member

    So did you install the software from the CD? I'm not sure I understand about why XP wouldn't "see" the utility.

    When you first installed the card, Windows should have detected the new hardware, and run you through the driver wizard. You had to have the CD in, and either let Windows find it, or specify a location (the CD). This should have set up the driver/utility. You then just double click on the little green/gray linksys icon on the system tray.
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