WMP54GS randomly assigns bogus IP address

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by terminal, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. terminal

    terminal Network Guru Member

    This is my first post :D

    Hopefully someone can find a solution to my disturbing problem, I have a wireless network adapter that connects to a wireless Zyxel router.

    The Zyxel router is up to date with the latest firmware. The WMP54GS has driver version, and I use the Wireless Network Monitor v1.4 which sometimes crashes but still able to work. The Zyxel router uses DHCP and assigns a static IP for the mac addresses I entered in. The wireless card has a great signal to the router about 90% constantly. I also use WPA (non hidden SSID) security for the connection.

    Both my network cards (i have 2) will drop their connection to the router randomly throughout the day at the exact same time. They are then assigned a bogus IP address that always begins with 169.254.***.***

    I connect to the router with subnet on a static DHCP, after a random amount of time it drops that IP and assigns with subnet My only way of restoring my static IP is by restarting the computer or reconnecting to the router with the software it came with.

    If anyone has any solutions it would be greatly appreciated
  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    Did you try repairing your network connection, by right clicking it and clicking the repail selection or going to a DOS prompt and typing IPCONFIG RENEW. Thatt address is one the Windows and not the adapter is setting, when it does not have a connection. You are losing the signal or the internet connection. If it is happening with two wireless NICs it could be interference from a cordless 2.4mhz telepone or microwave ot the router is losing its connection.
  3. crashed

    crashed Guest

    Hey Terminal,
    First off, it isn't your router giving you those whacky 169.254.246.* addresses, its Windows. Windows will throw one of those down any time it can't get a 'real' address (from DHCP et al).

    You haven't stated your OS, so I am assuming you are running Win XP? Microsoft put in a 'feature' where it will scan for wireless networks and there is a bug if you have 802.1x authentication checked.

    Try unchecking 802.1x and see what happens. To change this setting goto:
    Network Connections->Wireless Network Connection (Properties)->Wireless Networks Tab->Choose the preferred network (your wireless SSID)->Properties->Authentication Tab->uncheck the box

    (did they bury it far enough?)

  4. terminal

    terminal Network Guru Member

    thanks for the replies and your help.. By the way my ssystem is Windows XP Pro (SP2). In response to crashed I dont seem to have an authentication tab. I think this is because I use the Linksys Wireless Network Manager instead of the windows default one

    EDIT: I did find something rather interesting though it seems that my wireless connection has an "AEGIS Protocol (IEEE 802.1x) v3.2.0.3" I don't know if that was from the router or the wireless network card
  5. terminal

    terminal Network Guru Member

    any other suggestions or ideas???
  6. pharma

    pharma Network Guru Member

    Yea, don't use the Linksys Wireless Network Manager. Use what comes with Windows XP.
  7. terminal

    terminal Network Guru Member

    I just switched to Windows Wireless Network, it still does the same thing.. I even tried changing channels and disconnecting all the wireless phone lines in the house
  8. mazilo

    mazilo Network Guru Member

    This sounds like your area is well polluted with 2.4GHz frequencies from your and your neighbors 2.4GHz cordless phones and microwave ovens. Try to relocate your WiFi router as well as your computer and see if this will fix the problem.
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