WMP54GS Signal strength and connection problems. HELP!

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by sofestibeest, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. sofestibeest

    sofestibeest Network Guru Member

    Hello All,

    Ok here is my situation.
    Recently, I bought a WAG54G v2 EU and 2 WMP54GS NIC's
    I also have a laptop with the intel wireless/pro.

    I know, I thought that the WAG54G had a speedbooster function :oops:


    I have place the WAG54G in the hallway at the frontdoor. That is where the ADSL signal enters my home.
    after installation of the WAG54G i upgraded the firware to its latest beta (I think it was 1.01.0)

    I have setup my laptop and 1 pc.
    Everything works excellent. Strong signal.

    Now, I have installed my second PC, about 2 meters away from the onther desktop pc.

    I cannot get a signal, and when I occasionaly get a signal, it says limited connection. When I check the ip settings, i see I have an apipa address. (169.XXX.XXX.XXX)

    When I move the pc closer to the 1 desktop pc, the pc picks up the signal and coinnects.

    Both desktop pc's are located on the first floor in a room on the otherside of the house. The house is 9 meters long.
    I have tried changing channels. Changing to channel 1 gave an excellent signal on the first desktop pc but had no effect on the 2nd.

    I tried swapping the NIC's, same effect.

    I only installed the drivers, and not the application of linksys.
    I put the nic in other PCI slots, no effect
    I disabled WPA protection. Tried WEP encryption., tried no security, but all had no effect.

    both desktop pc's have Windows XP SP2 with Windows firewall disabled.

    Is there anyway to boost the signal of either the WAG54G or the WMP54GS?
    Is there firmware for the WMP54GS?
    Does anyone have suggestions, or the solution??

    Thank you!

  2. sofestibeest

    sofestibeest Network Guru Member


    I bought a new antenna for the wmp54gs card.
    I'll keep you posted!
  3. sofestibeest

    sofestibeest Network Guru Member

    I received the linksys 8dbi antenna.
    I attached it to my nic.
    I see that when i turn the antenna in a certain angle, i get a signal, and get an dhcp ip address :drinking:

    I'll keep on monitoring.

    If one of you know or have any tips, please let me know!!!!

  4. sofestibeest

    sofestibeest Network Guru Member


    I have done some testing, but iut seems that the problem remains.
    my 1st pc full green bars
    the second pc, 2-3 eters away, hardly any signal.

    can anyone help, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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