WMP54GX Freezes at 75% on install

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by airun, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. airun

    airun Guest

    OS: X64 Pro
    Using WRT54GX2 as router

    Upon initial install of this card it freezes at 75% installing the initial files. I shut the pc down and the card isn't recognized but most of the files have been installed. I try and run installation again and it asks to uninstall old drivers. I try and go through uninstall on control panel for the card and it goes through the process but never deletes the info. Only way to reverse it is to do system restore, and reinstall again. I did this and it did the same thing....

    The router installs and works fine.. I went to tech at linksys and asked for help and I just got "there is no driver yet for this OS". Not all that helpful.

    Thanks ahead of time!!
  2. shavlir

    shavlir Guest

    I too need 64 bit drivers for the wmp54gx and am so far unsuccessful. I read somewhere that you could get open source drivers for the Airgo Networks chipset that the card has, but i havent been able to find those either.
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