WOL Magic Packets and the RV082

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by trwd, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. trwd

    trwd Network Guru Member

    I need advice on getting WOL Magic Packets through my RV082 from the Internet.

    Because this router will not allow forwarding to the broadcast address of (“out of range†error), I made an arp entry in the router’s shell and now “arp –vn†displays what I believe are the proper settings: ether FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF CM ixp0

    After doing that the magic packet still wouldn't go through the router. I'm using Depicus' WOL Monitor to tell me if the packet is reaching my subnet (in addition to simply seeing if the target PC wakes up).

    In the RV082 I set up forwarding of UDP port 9 to My router's address is The subnet is

    I created a dyndns.org address, which I've tested and know that I'm able to reach my LAN via that FQDN.

    Then I used the router’s logging function to see if there was any evidence of the packets arriving. There was: it said they were rejected because of some sort of policy setting. That’s when I went into the router’s “Firewall†general settings and disabled “Block WAN Requestâ€. I also created an Access Rule to allow any source to send to through port 2304. (I also changed the aforementioned forwarding rule to forward UDP port 2304 to These two steps are purely stabs in the dark.

    (Why did I change to port 2304? I started using Wireshark to examine network activity when running the various WOL “packet senders†(e.g. Depicus' WOLGUI, WOL.exe from Simply-ware.com, etc.). I noticed that each seems to send to a different port, and not always the 7 or 9 like one might assume. I also found that the aforementioned WOL.exe is able to wake up the target PC whether I gave it the PC’s local IP address or my DynDNS FQDN. So I’m pretty sure Wireshark says WOL.exe is using port 2304.)

    Anyway, now I can actually wake up the target PC using WOL.exe, but I have a feeling it’s because I’m testing this from another PC on my LAN so that the target PC is receiving the broadcast packet locally. I need to find another location off-site to try sending the packets from but I’d appreciate advice on whether my changes to the RV082’s Firewall settings are needed AND if they present any great liability (there’s no point in using them if they have no bearing on letting Magic Packets get through.)

    Of course, if this info helps any other readers seeking guidance getting WOL to work via the Internet, I think I'm on the right track so I hope it helps you. If any readers with expertise in this subject want to add some advice, please do so!
  2. netlinker

    netlinker LI Guru Member

    At the moment I am looking into the same problem here. On my previous system WOL over the Internet worked as follows:

    - send an e-mail to a special designated E-Mail Address on the mailserver
    - the mailserver on receiving an E-Mail to that address would then excute a batch file
    - the batch file would send the magic packet to wake up the PC on the LAN

    That way the whole process is started from inside the network and the router is not a factor.

    The mailserver was Mercury Mail. Last week we switched to Exchange and I am still trying to figure out how to execute a batch file if Exchange receives e-mail to a certain address.
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