Wont conect to the internet

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Feb 4, 2006.

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    Hi, I have an AG241 ADSL 4 port Gateway linked to 3 computers all running XP with SP2 using CAT 5 UTP cable. The middle distance computer will not connect to my ISP Wanadoo. The other 2 are fine. I have been over the settings countless times and checked that that they are the same on all computers (except IP address) All computers 'ping' to the gateway, all indicators are on, it makes no odds what port I stick the RJ45s in on the router. All systems were working a week or so ago and no changes have been made to any system. Are there any other checks or procedures I can follow before I go stark raving mad! Please. donclarke55@hotmail.com
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