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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Atlas1, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. Atlas1

    Atlas1 New Member Member

    Hi All,

    First post, been doing so much research but my head has split open!

    I'm in Australia and Bought a FlashRouter AC3200 with a VPN setup. I arranged for ports 1 & 4 to be VPN and Ports 2 & 3 to be local. There's also a local wifi and VPN wifi with it.

    Because I use a phone line ADSL2+ connection I require a Netgear DM200 modem/Router to provide Internet connection, this has taken time to get settings correct. Internet now working.

    Required some time to then get VPN working. In the end I had to enable PPPoE with ISP credential on the DM200 and DHCP on the FlashRouter.

    VPN then worked. However..

    To summarise I require this router to do additional tasks, all of which are proving troublesome:
    I also require this router to:
    1) Run Foxtel IQ3 with Port Forwading enabled. Port 5222, 443, 80
    2) Connect Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote
    3) Connect WD MyCloud HD

    1) I've tried over many months to get Foxtel Port Forwarding working. First with FlashRouter, then with Modem, then with both. Having opened the DM200 modem ports... the VPN no longer works. It's one or the other. What additional settings do I require? Probably enabling port forwarding in the DM200 but additional settings in the FlashRouter?

    2) Can't get the Uinversal Remote to even find the damn thing.

    3) Won't even know where to start with HD

    Help on all, much appreciated please!
  2. NutsN'bolts

    NutsN'bolts Network Newbie Member

    The DM200 does PPPoE and the AC3200 is ur main router for your LAN/Wifi, so all deviced are connected to the AC3200 ?
    Which Firmware Version are you using on the AC3200 ?
    Maybe the Foxtel IQ3 can open the ports via UPNP ?

    I would suggest to put your DM200 into bridge mode and let the AC3200 establish the PPPoE connection.
    Portforwarding should be easy than, if your using a Double NAT like you described in your starting post you would need to forward the required ports from your DM200 to the AC3200 and finally your devices.
    But portforwarding should even work with double NAT, im using a similiar setup but only cause i need my providers VOIP on my Modem-Router...
    Does the DM200 has exposed host option in the portforwarding page ?
  3. Atlas1

    Atlas1 New Member Member

    Hi, I believe I have solved this port forwarding issue. I set the DM200 to modem/router mode and enabled PPPoE on it. FlashRouter is just a router now using DHCP to connect to the DM200.

    I've opened the require ports of the DM200 and within the Tomato FlashRouter. As a result VPN tunnel now works as well.

    Numbers 2 and 3 are still causing me grief though
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