Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by gohanman, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. gohanman

    gohanman Guest

    I'm trying to set up enterprise WPA with tomato and running into problems. At minimum, if someone could tell me what to turn on so tomato actually logs useful information, that would help a lot.

    Tomato: 1.25.1720
    WRT54GL: 1.1
    Freeradius: 1.1.3

    Security: WPA Enterprise
    Encryption: TKIP
    Shared Key: Same as in freeradius config
    Group Key Renewal: 3600
    Radius Server: correct IP & port

    When I try to connect to the wireless network, I get a prompt correctly identifying the network as WPA Enterprise and requesting a user name and password. I can see this request in freeradius' logs as well as the response back saying OK. Then... nothing happens.

    The client computer shows no errors, and tomato logs show nothing. Has anyone set this up before? Or does anyone at least know how I can get tomato to log this process for debugging's sake?
  2. kenyloveg

    kenyloveg LI Guru Member

    I've heard about certain type of WiFi chips can't utilize WPA while WPA2 is normal...... But I've net met this kind of one...
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