Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by binary0011, Aug 27, 2004.

  1. binary0011

    binary0011 Network Guru Member

    I recently saw that Linksys released a firmware update for the WRE54G and that Linksysinfo says it now supports WPA-PSK. I just got off the phone with Linksys and they said that the WRE54G does not support WPA-PSK.

    Has anyone tried this type of solution with their WRE54G? I am currently using the WRT54G with WPA-PSK and would like to keep it that way and not have to drop to the lowly WEP just to enable the WRE54G.

  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    customer support is acient to say the least when talking about firmware upgrades. upgrade your wre and try it out?
  3. binary0011

    binary0011 Network Guru Member

    I haven't purchased one yet; I wanted to see if anyone had any success with the WPA implementation on the WRE54G.

    Didn't want to waste the time or money if it's not going to work as expected.
  4. elmo

    elmo Network Guru Member

    WRE54G Firmware

    I downloaded the latest firmware 1.04.11 this week. It has the WPA included in the firmware, but the header in the security settings of the web utility says it only supports WEP.

    I was having problems with the unit recently. The Link light stayed red even though I received a good strong signal. I tried changing channels but nothing worked. So I downloaded the latest firmware and that fixed the red light problem. The unit was working great the first day but now I am receiving low signals even two feet from the unit.

    Again I tried changing channels but the best signal I can get is about a -69 dBi. I went back to the Linksys site and appearantly the latest firmware is no longer available for download.

    So it looks like they are aware of problems with the latest firmware 1.04.11
  5. binary0011

    binary0011 Network Guru Member

    Interesting. The deal I am hearing is that WPA-PSK encryption is not compatible in bridging or repeater modes of wireless access points or the wireless range extender offered by Linksys.

    Until a company comes out with a unit that supports a range extender using WPA; it looks as though the only alternative is to get a beefy antenna to boost the range.

    Anybody have any thoughts on this topic?
  6. HPS2

    HPS2 Network Guru Member

    Agreed. I bought the new Linksys high-gain antenna for my WAP-54G and have noticed range and signal increase. I can't put a percentage to it, but I can tell you that the new antennas are nice (and very tall too)
  7. binary0011

    binary0011 Network Guru Member

    Did you buy two antennas or just one?
  8. HPS2

    HPS2 Network Guru Member

  9. binary0011

    binary0011 Network Guru Member

    Awesome; thank you for the info.

    I will definately check those out.
  10. tuannd

    tuannd Network Guru Member

    I have downloaded lasted WRE54G firmware 1.04.17, and it support WPA, I have tested. and WPA-Share Key work!!!
  11. whitewolfcan

    whitewolfcan Guest

    tuannd, may I ask which router/access point are you using with WRE54G?

    I'm currentyly using WRT54GS with the WRE54G. Although I could configure my Wireless PC card to communicate with WRE54G in WPA-PSK mode, I could not get the WRT54GS and WRE54G to talk to each other in that mode.

    They will talk to each other in WEP 128-bit mode though, an improve from 64-bit with the older firmware version.
  12. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    The WRE54G and my WRT54Gv1 works with WPA-PSK with the latest firmware on both.
  13. linkit

    linkit Network Guru Member

    I have the same EXACT problem. I am using WRT54GS (Firmware: 3.37.6) and WRE54G (Firmware: 1.04.17). I haven't come across anyone who got WPA-PSK functioning on the WRE54G with this setup. Still searching, tweaking....
  14. thumper59

    thumper59 Guest

    wre54g can i use 2 with 1 router

    i have on range extender that works excellent on a metal building approx 400' from router,, i have another building 300' from router and wanted to add a secong range extender for it,,, is it possible to run 2? my problem is these are metal buildings and i can't get sgood signal in the first building,,, seems i should be able to run 2?
  15. xpiria

    xpiria Addicted to LI Member

    Yes you can try to put another repeater but if it does not work, so you have to use a wds ap.
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