WPA Security on Linksys WRE?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Xtreem, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. Xtreem

    Xtreem Network Guru Member

    Hi ive sucesfully setup my WRE after serveral hours but it only seams to work with WEP Security if i enable WPA my laptop trys to connect to the range expander but gets no thurther than obtaning an IP address, if i tell the computer to use an IP eg it will connect but the internet wornt work the only page i can access is the WRE's web confuguration page (

    i have tryed enableing WPA on the router then the Range expander and visa versa but the same still happens, is it actually possible to get WPA to work?

    Range Expander firmware: 1.04.17
    Router Firmware: 4.00.7
  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    Are you getting a valid IP Address or an IP Address of 254.168.X.X, which is the default IP Address for a device, which is not connecting. My question for you is are you enabling SS-ID broadcast? I have my WRE54G connected to an Access Point using WPA-PSK AES. I just reset the WRE54G to factory defaults. by pressing the reset button. Set the Access Points encryption and press the automatic configuration button and it connected. Try the new firmware version 1.06.5 for the WRE54G if you cannot get it to work.
  3. Xtreem

    Xtreem Network Guru Member

    Thanks for your tips, after many hours of messing about ive got it working with WPA and mac address filtering :thumb: :cheer:

    For anyone else looking at this in the future hears what i did

    1) Upgraded the WRE54G to firmware 1.06.5
    2) Setup WPA on my WRT54G and enabled SSID broadcast
    3) Setup security on the WRE54G the same as the router, chnaged its ip to and disabled SSID broadcast.
    4)Pressed the automatic configuration button and it connected to my router and bingo it was setup
    5) i then logged back in to my router and disabled SSID and enabled MAC address filtering (note i added the mac addy of the WRE54G but i dont no if you have to or not)
    6) after mac filtering was enabled my laptop could not seam to connect to the wireless network so i turned the router and range extender off then back on and everyhting worked perfectly then :)

    Ive probly wasted about 12 hours setthing that up but if i did what i wrote above in the 1st place it would have been a 10min job if that.

    Thanks fir the help howardp6, you set me on the right track :)
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