WPC54G not acquiring network deja vu

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by ldhart, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. ldhart

    ldhart LI Guru Member

    the adaptor is installed in a Dell Latitude CP running XP w/ SP2. Wireless signal from my ATT 2Wire router is detected. Have not been able to connect to the internet despite trying a number of things:
    * changed from obtaining IP address automatically to 'use the following IP addresss' (using the address provided to me by ATT service; using address downloaded from linksys customer help; using address from my desktop that is connected via ethernet to the dsl)
    *configured the adaptor for the WEP of the router
    *disabled firewall
    *tried to connect using the Windows Wireless Zero Configuration (input the correct WEP, detected wireless signal ; unable to connect to internet)

    After reading a number of posts from people having similar problems, I am about ready to give up and buy a different brand adaptor. However, here is a short list of other things that I am considering trying:
    * connect the laptop to the router using the ethernet cable, to see if I can at least connect it to the internet
    *uninstall the Linksys driver -- is it interfering with the WZC?
    *download (if I can connect to the internet via ethernet) the Microsoft 'wpa2 support update'

    Does anyone know whether any of these additional actions will be successful?
  2. Esquire

    Esquire Mesquire Staff Member Member

    You cannot uninstall the driver - all hardware requires a driver to operate in Windows, however, there is no harm in removing the client software (not the same as driver) and let WZC do all the work. If you remove the driver, Windows will prompt you to install the driver again on reboot.... assuming it can redetect your adapter as planned; on the odd occasions it may not.

    To install the driver without client software, insert the adapter into the PCMCIA slot and when prompted for a driver, insert the driver CD and let Windows search on the CD and install the driver - do not run setup to install client software.

    You only need to install WPA2 support if your router is configured to protect your wireless network using WPA2.
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