wpc54g v2 connection randomly drops

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by scootnod, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. scootnod

    scootnod Network Guru Member

    I have a WRT54G router v1.1 (just upgraded to latest firmware already), and a WPC54G wireless adapter. My connection randomly drops even though I have good signal strength and quality 80% on first floor 60% on second floor. The router is in the basement. I would say that the basement could be the problem but we have two other wireless laptops with internal intel wireless adapters that never drop connection. I uninstalled the wireless adapter and then reinstalled using the latest drivers from linksys in addition to upgrading the router firmware. I think I may drop connection (total drop in connection internet and access point) less often after the firmware upgrade, although I'm not sure yet. Has anybody had similar problems? I did notice that the fragmentation threshold and rts threshold for the adapter is 4096, even though it says on the online manual the default is 2000 something, my router is also set to 2000 something.
  2. jmeager

    jmeager Guest

    I am having the same problem. Ask Linksys and no one else is having this problem. PAH!

    Funnily enough I have a WRT54G router too. It has nothing to do with your basement, it is the V2 card and the router. I have another lappy with a v1.2 card which works fine. My V2 card will also not let me select AES but only TKIP too .....

  3. yaww

    yaww Guest


    I had the same problem with 2 routers out of 4 purchased. There is definitely a manufacturing problem, use your warranty and have it repaired.


  4. harmv

    harmv Guest

    I had similar problem.
    signal strenght OK. but connection randonly drops.

    I finally figured out was was causing it.
    The linksys software that comes with the adapter does not work well with windows XP. It looks like it works ok, you have a connection etc, but it keeps dropping.

    steps I did to fix the problem:
    1) remove all drivers for the adapter, remove all linksys software
    2) put the linksys driver CD in a box, lock it, don't open it again.
    3) reboot PC
    4) new hardware found, use windows XP drivers ->

    I did not _ever_ see my connection drop after this. Even when i'm on a different floor and signal strenght reaches 'low' the connection gets slower but it won't disconnect.

    After reading the docs that come with the adapter closely I noticed that it was actually it the docs. Something like "If you're on XP, skip step 2, where step 2 was put linksys CD in". But hey, who reads documention. no me.

    btw: I'm using AES encryption.

  5. usernamed

    usernamed Network Guru Member

    Same exact problem with the WRT54GS & Orinoco Gold, connection drops every 5 minutes or so, router firmware is updated, Windows XP SP2...
    Even with full signal, connection always drops, I tried the Orinoco card with numerous other routers, works realy great, connection never droped -----router & card conflict I may guess.
    I will try removing all my Orinoco drivers and software and let XP install them to see if it does anything.
    Dont know if it has anything to do, but my router is also in the basement, I may even try later to terminate one of the 2 antennas with a 50 Ohm RP TNC ...

    I will repost to tell if it worked ;)
  6. usernamed

    usernamed Network Guru Member

    Well, the driver removall worked fine, 3 hours or so without drop... :D

    Thanks to microsoft drivers.
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