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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by doctorwu, Sep 6, 2005.

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    Hello everyone. I have a P3 Compaq Armada laptop that will be running Windows 2000 Pro (the latest and greatest service pack also). I also have a wireless NIC (wpc54g v5.0) that I have not yet installed. However, I just moved, and the installation CD is probably in a box where it doesn't belong. Linksys has everything up to Ver 4.0 on their site. Am I "on hold" until they put the 5.0 download out there, or is there another source where I may download it?
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    I cant find this driver either.. I am curious if they have release one online.
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    Why do you not do a livechat with Linksys Technical support and expalin the situation, you may be able to get them to e-mail you the drivers, I have gotten beta drivers from them in the past that way. Ask for a level three support person, if the first support person cannot help you, just stay polite, you can try calling them also.
  4. lintech

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    wpc54g v5 drivers

    though wpc54g v5 is not listed in downloads of the linksys page , the wpc54g v4 drivers can be used .... they definitely work
  5. zaletta

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    Linksys support horror story - V4 doesnt install in Win2k v5

    Hey There...

    I too ran into the same problem with the Version 5 of the card... and i thought, since I had some time to kill, i would call linksys and see what the situation was. Also, the V4 drivers wont install under Win2K... the registry compains about a mismatch in data type (expecting an integer - getting a quote).

    After using their online support service, the following is the transcript from my conversation (see italicized below). As you can see, it would appear that linksys is releasing products that it doesnt support. So.. i called and called and started to become a pain in their side. :angry:

    James Ryan D. (25471): Hi, my name is James Ryan D. (25471). How may I help you?
    You: hello there.
    You: I have a problem..
    James Ryan D. (25471): Okay, go ahead please.
    You: i purchased the WPC54G network kit for notebooks... and i cant find the V5 drivers anywhere on your site..
    You: the v1, 3 and v4 dont work..
    You: any ideas?
    James Ryan D. (25471): Okay.
    You: where i can locate these drivers...
    James Ryan D. (25471): Please give me a few moments. I am currently doing some research on the issue and will return shortly. I apologize in advance for the delay.
    You: for windows 2k... and (if available) a UNIX driver (refernce or released) would be great as well.. thanks.. ill be here ;)
    James Ryan D. (25471): Actually I believe we only have drivers for windows OS, for other OS we don't have drivers yet.
    You: no problems..
    You: the windows ones will be adequate..
    James Ryan D. (25471): Okay.
    You: still there?
    James Ryan D. (25471): Yes.
    James Ryan D. (25471): As I've verified this with my team lead, the drivers for the WPC54G v5 still not available through our website because our product engineers are still updating fixes for the said version.
    James Ryan D. (25471): I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.
    You: so.. what do i do then to get my card to work? the CD is at my house in canada.. im on business in Spain..
    James Ryan D. (25471): You can email us at support@linksys.com for that concern.
    You: eh?
    You: i dont understand... if i have support on the line here.. why would i email linksys?
    You: i just need the release of the drivers that came with the box that i bought..
    James Ryan D. (25471): I'm sorry right now the release for version 5 still on hold because upgrades are still in process.
    James Ryan D. (25471): I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.
    You: i dont need an upgrade.. i need the driver that it came with when i bought it is all.. it worked fine before.. but i upgrade my laptop (new HD) and i need the driver...
    You: no upgrade is needed.
    James Ryan D. (25471): Yes.
    You: the original will do fine.. if you arent able to help.. please provide me a phone number to contact your superior.
    James Ryan D. (25471): I'm pertaining to the version 5 driver.
    You: right...
    James Ryan D. (25471): The version 5 driver is still being updated before release.
    You: the card i have is Ver 5 card.. it is written on the card itself..
    You: impossible.. cause i have the Ver 5 card and the drivers came with it.
    James Ryan D. (25471): I believe that.
    You: so maybe we are not talking the same thing here.
    You: on the wireless LAN card i have it says V5.. and there are drivers that came out with it cause I have had this card work before.. so linksys has released V5 drivers ...
    James Ryan D. (25471): Actually there are certain problems with the version 5 drivers for the WPC54G.
    You: cause i have the CD that came with them in a box at home.. so i just need those ones... no upgrades
    You: as with all software.. but i do need my card to work.. or please direct me to a store here in madrid where linksys will replace my card.
    James Ryan D. (25471): Please wait while I type-in the explanation.
    You: ok..... so long as it doesnt end with.. i bought a card that you guys arent supporting... cause i bought it only 1 month ago.
    James Ryan D. (25471): Actually we are currently updating the version 5 drivers at this moment, because there are some problems with it. That's why we came up with fixes and input it on the drivers. After the version5 driver is finished updating, we will post it to our download site ASAP.
    You: and when can i expect that?
    You: and where can i find the ones that were initially released?
    James Ryan D. (25471): As soon as we updated the version 5 drivers we will post it at www.linksys.com/download. Actually the version 5 drivers are posted there before, but because of some problems we take-it-out and fix it for the mean time.
    You: can i get a timeframe please... because this will affect whether i return the product or not.. no sense in having something that i bought that i cant use.. as I said.. i work for ericsson, we use cisco / linksys products quite often.. i need a time frame... minutes, hours, days, weeks (its already been 2 weeks).
    James Ryan D. (25471): Is it okay for you to wait for about 3 weeks?
    You: ... also... please provide me the name of a retail outlet here in spain where linksys will replace this card
    You: no.. not at all.. im leaving from here to Germany to Moscow in the next three weeks and need to use the Wifi hotspots throughout our office and the country to perform my work.
    James Ryan D. (25471): We are very sorry for the delay.
    You: I read nothing about the fact that there were no drivers.
    You: when i bought this kit
    James Ryan D. (25471): I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.
    You: Just so that i understand corectly... Linksys has sold me a product before they can support it and now i have to wait up to 8 weeks after i purchased this product before i can use it?
    You: in fact.. on the box it said Windows 2K was supportted..
    James Ryan D. (25471): Yes.
    You: yes to what?
    You: that its supportted or that i have to wait 8 weeks?
    James Ryan D. (25471): Because we have some reports that when clients download the version 5 drivers, they are having problems so we need to fix it first before we can post it again.
    You: i would like to escalate this issue.. please provide me the telephone number to speak to someone about having linksys replace this card.
    James Ryan D. (25471): To reach our Technical Support department, please call 1-800-326-7114 and an agent will happily assist you over the phone.
    James Ryan D. (25471): We are very sorry for the inconvenience.
    You: there must be something that can be done... why cant you give me the initial release of the drivers? and can you also direct me to the press release that linksys has made about this product.
    You: on the web site.. because i see that this is quite a big issue from all the people in the world that are having this problem.
    James Ryan D. (25471): If you want sir, you can email that concern to support@linksys.com. Because right now I don't have access to certain issues like this.
    You: ok... so please direct me to someone, not an email address that i can speak to now.
    James Ryan D. (25471): I'm very sorry but we don't have 2nd-level support for chat sessions. Please call 1-800-326-7114 and an agent will happily assist you over the phone.
    You: please open a case ... with the above information..
    You: so that i have a record with your company..
    James Ryan D. (25471): Actually after this session, an automatic email will be sent to you together with the case number of this session.
    You: hmm... im not very happy about this at all.. and the canned text of sorry doesnt really help me does it?
    You: there must be a reference driver that is available somewhere for this card..
    You: alternatively.. as i have mentioned several times.. im currently in Madrid, please provide me with the location of a retail outlet that will be happy to swap this linksys product with one that you suppot.
    You: support..
    James Ryan D. (25471): Actually I don't have the knowledge regarding your concern, but you can try to call our customer service about that. 949-271-5467
    You: at that number is?

    After about 1 hour of going round and round with their first line organization, i finally reached one of their second line engineers. Mygie (Agent number 17380), this agent spoke with her supervisor and indicated that she understood the position that i was in (im currently out of the country and not near my house for the CD) and said that she would email me the drivers in the next two hours (this was at 10:00am or there abouts).

    Contented i was in that someone wouldnt actually lie about this, i mean why would they.. its just a driver and they are just doing their job.. but Lo and Behold!!! it is now 1:00am the next day and I have received no drivers... :rofl:

    So.. since im working overnight on a different project, i thought that i would give Linksys a call back (however, i got smart and used SkypeOut - see Skype - for the call... 0.017 cents a minute overseas - yes! thats right, less than a cent VOIP)... however, it would seem that i was a victim to Linksys Follow the Sun Support procedures... so know i received the Asian office. After 25 minutes with a first line person, i got the direct number for 2nd Line Engineers (+18003267114)... and spoke with someone who seemed to know what they were doing.. and while each line of the conversation started with "Im so sorry for the inconvience - see the canned messages from the online support conversation"... The Agent (#25588) told me that the other agent was incorrect and that it was in fact a 24 hour waiting period for the drivers (from the time of my initial call). When i asked her what i should do when that period passes and i have no drivers.. she responded that i should call back..

    So.. with rougly 8 hours left, im sitting waiting for linksys to surprise me!... although my faith is seriously shaken... do yourself a favour in the future, spend the extra 10 bucks and get a network package from a company that doesnt release products before they can / want to support them.
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