WPC54G/WMP54G versions?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by SteveWac, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. SteveWac

    SteveWac Network Guru Member


    Just bought WPC54G and WMP54G Adaptors and am confused about what version is the latest.

    On the box of the WPC54G it says v2 but on the card it says v1.2 :? I've also seen on other posts that there is a v4 card!. Can anyone tell me what the differences are between v1.2, v2, and v4 and should I take back my v1.2 card and replace with v2 or v4?

    Also is WMP54Gv2 the latest PCI wireless adaptor?


  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    Version 4.0 for the WMP54G is the latest. A MIMO version will be out soon. It will be probabily version 1.0 since it will be a new card.
  3. SteveWac

    SteveWac Network Guru Member


    Do you know the difference between v2 and v4 of the WMP54G? Is v4 more stable?

    Aso does anyone know which version of WPC54G is the latest?

  4. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

  5. Mediamon

    Mediamon Network Guru Member

    Can anyone provide advantages/disadvantages, benefits, qualitative performance/feature/security and driver config/support differences between the various versions of WPC54G.

    Vers 1 = Broadcom chips
    Vers 2 = TI chips
    Vers 4 = Inprocomm chips

    I see Broadcom makes it's own drivers and utilities available for the WPC54G.

    Linksys has drivers for each card. However the WinXP/W2K driver for version 4 ( is dated 3-17-04. This is the 'original' driver release and has never been updated!

    So will it support WPA2-AES?

    Inprocomm does not even have a website so one cannot obtain any drivers through inProcomm, lile one can thru Broadcom. What is this all about? Sounds like Linksys went with cheapo manufacturing and no support on the version 4.

    If there are no quantifiable differences between v1, 2 and 4 cars then seems like v 1 (broadcom) is the safe choice considering the updated drivers available thru Boradcom.

    And even the Linksys driver for version 2 (08/26/04) is newer than Linksys driver for version 4.

    So what are the support and driver options for version 4 of this card?

  6. Mediamon

    Mediamon Network Guru Member

    Ok I finally figured out how to search FCC Filing site. Took awhile to find where to do this (hint: OET).

    I located a filings for:


    I see a version 5 listed with a 11/17/2004 date. And any ideas when version 5 will be available retail?

    Regarding Version 5:

    All Exhibits are dated 11/17/2004


    Label at:

    Internal photos at:

    Note the big 'M' logo silscreened on the chip. Who is the chipset manfacturer for this version 5?

    Is ADT (Advance Data Technolgy) the OEM?

    The 'Operational Description' Exhibit for the V.5 card does not provide any info as to features or benefits as compared to version 4 or previous versions. The Exhibit states the card is a 802.11g adapter with max data rate of 54Mbps if ODFM technique applied. If S/N ratio is poor then 11MBps with CCK technique will be applied. Antenna type is printed Antenna withut connector. That's all.

    I'm reading sections of the manual right now to see if I can see anything regards to new features or updated specs.

    V.5 User Guide shows:

    The specs page is quite light.

    Adapter supports AES, TKIP, 802.11x. (also supports WEP but I don't care - use WPA/WPA2 only).

    The WLAN Monitor config utility supports configuration for three WPA modes:

    WPA-PSK, WPA Radius, and Radius.

    WPA-PSK offers two encryption methods: TKIP and AES, with Dynamic Encryption keys.

    Radius-PSK gives two choices of encryption methods: TKIP and AES.

    WPA Radius offers two encryption methods: TKIP and AES with Dynamic Encryption keys.

    WPA-RADIUS and RADIUS support five Authentication Methods:

    I think there is an incorrect reference on pg 34 in Appendix B. Refers to 'Radius-PSK' whre I think it should be 'WPA-PSK' as ii is earlier in manual (pg 20).

    The user manual refers to Win98SE and WinMe briefly in the appendix so it possible the card may support these older OS's. But not sure with which security implmentation.

    Looks like the v.5 user guide may be a revision of version 4 user guide as one of the footers refers to the version 4. The user guide seems to be quite generic in presenting any technical info and may be full of boilerplate text just for the FCC filing purposes.

    No info provided on which chipset utilized in v.5. If anyone knows more about thie new version of the WPC54G product please post.

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