wpc54gs config utility v1.0

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by garyrny, Mar 5, 2005.

  1. garyrny

    garyrny Guest

    Has anyone else noticed that the linksys configuration utility packaged with the wpc54gs NIC has a tendency to send network packets to linksys every few seconds?

    What I've discovered is that if you load the configuration utility, all is good. However, as soon as you display the configuration page, the utility begins sending 63-byte packets to port 13 of "webgod.linksys.com" ( Their server doesn't respond with anything. It seems that the only field within the packet that is changing, aside from the checksum, is an identification field which is a sequentially increasing number. If you close the configuration window of the utility, the program continues sending these packets every few seconds. The only way to stop this is to completely unload the program.

    The side effect of this should be obvious. Linksys can detect how many people around the world have their program running (that have at least displayed the configuration window once since it was last started), and for that population, how long the program has been running. There doesn't appear to be any information in the packet (e.g. mac address), but would get your ip address. Is is just me or does anyone else see this as somewhat of a troublesome behavior on the part of this program from Linksys.
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