WPG54G and wireless internet

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by karb0nc0py, May 22, 2005.

  1. karb0nc0py

    karb0nc0py Network Guru Member

    i have a wireless access point from dlink and wpg54g. i would like to use them at the same time but it doesn't seem to wanna work. it seems that when i spoke w/ linksys tech they said you can't do wireless internet and presentation at the same time due to bandwith, that is BS. so i desided to go with 2 wirless NICs. but that doesn't seem to be working either. i had them both on the same subnet then i made internet 192.168.1.xxx and presentation 192.168.2.xxx. each card has an address from each network but when i try to get out to the internet is gives 404 error, but the presentation works fine. i then tried to "bridge" the connections but that gave me the same result. i was wondering if there was ANY way to say nic 1 = internet only and nic 2 = presentation only. it seems STUPID for a company to make a wireless product that cannot be used w/ wireless internet. and why is it that thier tech support doesn't know anything??? i do this stuff for a living and it seems everytime i call them the run me through the same steps over and over again that i have tried before i call them. they should get a better "script" or better tech!!!!
  2. Guyfromhe

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    it's not a good idea to give your computer 2 IPs unless you REALLY know what your doing otherwise you're just going to cause yourself trouble... I couldn't see a little interent use during a presentation using up all the bandwidth, and if your actually getting a 404 error as you said theres probably nothing wrong with the router but a problem with your computer... maybe elaborate on the error you get when trying to browse the web what exactly does the page say on it, what address are you trying to access, etc.
  3. karb0nc0py

    karb0nc0py Network Guru Member

    I have a wireless router and a wireless media presention player. But it seems that I cannot connect them both at the same time wirelessly. When i go to google.com it says page connot be displayed error message. I want to get both the wireless internet from my wireless access point, not media presentaion player, and the presentation player to work at the same time. linksys says that they have not tried to do this and they do see why you should have to. They are idiots. what if i am giving a presentation that involves going to the internet and showing students different website???
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